When Your World Feels Like It's Falling Apart

by Sunni Chapman

It must be my age, but it’s my daughter's needs that are motivating her to grow up and stretch her wings. I knew it was coming, I’ve had time to prepare for this experience and yet it STILL hurts!

Being a mom in this day and age is difficult enough, but I can tell you that being Italian amplifies the emotions THAT much more! You want your kids to be in your home and to be with you, always within your protective domain and influenced by your guiding presence. But when it comes time for mine to leave I seem to hang on that much tighter.

It is that time of year again…my oldest, now a 20 year old effervescent light in the universe,daughter is preparing to leave and by the time you read this, she will be on a Delta plane to her temporary home of South Carolina where she is going to school and following her passion to play soccer for the rest of her life. She has a dream, to play for the Italian National soccer team and work with kids in the world of sports.


I know that by following her passion she will succeed in whatever she does. Because SHE has experienced the tremendously positive results in our own lives as soon as I followed my own passion of selling only Italy, she won’t become discouraged and abandon her dreams if and when her path takes a sudden left turn or presents a steep incline.

Intellectually I know that she is doing the right thing but just like in the “Greek wedding” I want her to follow her passion, I just don’t want the path she follows to lead so far away from me. The emotional Italian in me wants to tell her, “Dream big and follow your dreams…but just make sure your dreams keep you close by.” Instead I will wear a smile while hiding the ache my heart feels as I tell her I love her and watch as her plane takes off.

I’ve seen this duality in business time and time again. People want something special to happen but then their words contradict their actions because their goals aren’t in line with their values and often they are guided by the pursuit of a money. The results are predictably dismal.

At See Italy we have been BLESSED because from Day One we have been motivated by our passion for Italy and guided by our love for people. This perfectly aligned combination results in clients who receive more than they ever dreamed and provides both emotional and financial rewards for our See Italy family.

So what do I receommend when your children want to leave the nest? I think you should encourage them to follow their hearts and dreams…but I’m ALSO going to tell all of my children, “When the time comes to start your own family, whether you have one child or five, you BETTER come back and build your nest close to me!!!”

Have a great week everybody and keep loving like life is going to end tomorrow, only this way, you will live fully


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