Wonders of Italy

by Sunni Chapman

Have you ever wondered what makes Italy so special for so many people? The following list of words might help explain why most visitors return to their homes with hearts full of love and heads full of memories…AUTHENTICITY, PEOPLE, CULTURE, FOOD, WINE, HISTORY and more.

Hospitality plays a big part in all of this, especially when people in the places you visit don’t alter their daily lives to become tourist attractions. I have some great friends, connections and providers who create travel which is centered on authentic experiences. This is called relational tourism, and is described as tourism that does not interrupt the daily lives of the local population and thereby provides the traveler an opportunity to experience a pure Italian way of life. I have to say I think this is the best kind of tourism, the one that shares stories with you and makes you fulfilled!


Here in Palermo, my children are classmates with kids who have some pretty important parents. These kids probably don’t even know that their parents impact a lot of people or that their stories and cultural heritage are intertwined with Italian history. Even the kids of the shoemaker, the potter or merchant might not realize that they are important, because they are the ones that imprint memories in people’s lives.

All of this living history is exactly why we’ve moved to Sicily this year. We are here to be filled with the spirit of local Italian culture and gain fulfillment by sharing what we have experienced with others, one experience at a time. We are who we are and we are in love with this country and because it has an abundance of everything I mentioned. We are excited to bring travelers who yearn to share similar experiences and not just to “see” the monuments. These clients come for authentic stories which are shared only on private tours that we’ve crafted specifically for them. We know that his type of travel is not for everyone which is why we interview our clients and get to know them before we customize their experience.

Be aware of the endless possibilities created when you and your clients are open to experiencing the richness and depth of Italy through relational tourism. Realize that there is so much more to enjoy and experience than the usual tourist attractions and monuments. Of course we incorporate all that Italy has to offer including the well-traveled destinations but we’ve built an amazing reputation by augmenting the usual with experiences off the well-worn path in order to create memories of a lifetime for your clients!





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