How Travel Empowers Women

by Christopher Atwood

More and more now women travel solo or together.  Nearly two-thirds of today’s travelers are female. Studies SHOW that 39% of women plan to join a “girls getaway” in the next year.   Globe-trotting gals come from all generations -- young professionals, divorcees, retirees, and married moms.

In fact, women travelers are demanding travel experiences in the company of like-minded ladies.  Why is female-focused travel so successful?  Learn more below:


women's group travel

5. Supporting Women-Led Businesses
Travel is one of the few industries where women can outnumber men -- whether it’s travel agencies, tour guides or tour operators.  In practice, female-focused tours support women-led businesses around the globe -- equalizing economic opportunity in countries where women enjoy fewer work options.

4. Sisterhood without Judgement
Women want to travel together, experts report, so they can relax without judgement.  No need for make-up.  No playing peacemaker among the kids.  No need to join activities that only interest your husband.  At its best, group travel makes you feel part of a tribe.

3. Learning About Yourself & Others
By definition, travel leads to an encounter with difference -- geographic, cultural, linguistic.  And, group travel intensifies this by helping you to see this world in the company of fresh friends.  You’ll bond through shared experiences, all while hearing about each others’ life stories.

2. Traveling with Purpose
The usual sights don’t attract the well-heeled traveler.  And, as more women travel independently, they’re asking for unique experiences.  Many have already seen the big sights.  Now, they want purpose behind their peregrinations -- whether it’s a shared interest (i.e., “Biking Tuscany”) or pursuing an individual passion (i.e., painting).

1. Nourishing Community
Sisterhood.  Bonding.  Camaraderie.  Travelers are choosing female-focused trips because they promise a sense of community.  Indeed, studies show that women travelers seek out cultural immersion abroad -- like, learning to master a regional dish or touring a local school.  Group travel can satisfy this craving for community.

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