by Sunni Chapman

Well, a lot of people have been asking me lately, “Why Sicily?” I tell them that we chose to move to See-cil y instead of the rolling hills of Tuscany or my beloved hometown of Turin, which is conveniently located in the lovely wine region of Piemonte, for many reasons but the greatest of these is LOVE. My family fell in love with everything about Sicily!

Michael and I aren’t having marital problems. See Italy isn’t in trouble. Our family isn’t in crisis. In fact, the exact opposite is true, Michael and I just celebrated our 14th anniversary and are enjoying our lives together more than ever. See-Italy is growing faster than ever and thriving just like our children are. People wonder why we didn’t choose one of the other more popular areas like Tuscany, Rome or Florence to settle. Why this southern Italian area of Sicily that is so remote that some people question if it still IS Italy? Did you notice that I had to stitch two satellite photos together to get the whole picture?

The short answer is that we are simply being true to our nature, true to our core, true to the fact that we are drawn to ALL of Italy, especially the lesser traveled areas and during our visits last year we were instantly enamored with Sicily’s…

  • FOOD

…Which has given us a NEW FOCUS that we are extremely excited to begin exploring.

See Italy was born in 2011 with the goal of sharing our love for Italy with anyone interested in having an authentic Italian experience. We LIVE for the people who’ve returned from See Italy trips and who can’t stop talking about their experiences, gushing about THEIR OWN newfound or renewed love for Italy. The most real validation that we are doing what we were born to do is hearing our client’s rave to us and their travel agents that the most memorable trip they’ve ever been on was the one created by SEE ITALY.

With almost 25 years living in the States and our nest beginning to empty as our older children left for college, we needed a change. When I started See Italy and every day since I have put my entire life and soul into creating a business that feels like a family where everyone involved is empowered to use their own passion and love for Italy to craft travel experiences that are at times beyond description.Experiences that in one instant may take a client’s breath away and the next instant fill them with an emotional connection to an authentic Italy which they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Our See Italy team has done such amazing work fulfilling our client’s dreams that we've been afforded the luxury of moving to Italy for a year. Realize that we are not moving simply for the fun of it, we are moving to expand our knowledge of even more areas with uniquely authentic Italian experiences in the southern part of Italy.

My husband and I realized that the love that first united us, the authentic love we have, is the one we felt on our last trip to Sicily which we took last October. It made us realize that selling Italy is not just about talking budget with our clients but more importantly, it involves emotions, memories, and love.

So today, on our anniversary, we celebrate the past while eagerly anticipating our future which will begin when we land in Sicily on Friday, September 1stI cannot wait to share the wonderful relationships we build in Sicily with you and your clients.

Southern Italy…here we come!



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