Who Are You Going To Call?

by Sunni Chapman

The See Italy family and I love creating authentic experiences for your travelers. We invite them inside an Italy that tourists rarely see. Whenever sending travelers to Italy, we like to educate them first about the key differences between the U.S. and Italy. This is why we include our custom-designed travel tips with all travel documents.

Not only do these documents excite your travelers about the places they’ll soon see, they save you the hassle of explaining things like… why stores in Italy close between 12:30PM and 3PM.

In creating our special travel tips, we asked our community of travel agents: What frustrated your travelers when in Italy? In most cases, their frustrations were encounters with a country that run on different rules from the U.S. Things like….

· Not ordering cappuccino after 11AM 

· Bread & pasta aren’t served at the same time 

· Needing to ask waiters for the check in restaurants

· There’s no such thing as “Italian dressing” or “chicken parm.”

When travelers know these differences upfront, they don’t feel frustrated when in Italy. In fact, they’re often intrigued to find out that the Italy they envisioned and the real Italy are altogether different places. They get excited – not irritated – by the cultural differences.

We’ve distilled down the questions Italy-bound travelers are sure to ask you. And then we give you the answers! See Italy does this so you can help travelers feel more at home in Italy.

 Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 7.00.46 PM

I’ll be honest with you the See Italy team is infatuated (in a good way) with all things Italian. We love sharing Italian experiences that travelers just won’t encounter back home – from making pasta with grandmas in Southern Italy to enjoying a spritz on one of Venice’s quieter canals.

But, we get it. As a travel agent, you’re busy juggling dozens of itineraries – each with their own moving parts. As much as you’d like to personally prepare a guide to each place you sell, you just don’t have the time. Worry not – we’re here to be your Italy-infatuated partners in travel. 

We happily spend hours and hours refining our travel tips. Why? So your travelers will feel fluent in Italy long before they step foot in Rome. There’s no need for you or for them to stress about their trip abroad. We’ve got your backs.

With our help, your travelers will know how to order coffee like an Italian and how to decode Italian street signs. They’ll even know that pesto is for pasta and not for a panini.

When you book an Italy trip with us, your clients’ every need is already thought of. We want them to enjoy Italy – and all its quirky differences. We want them to rave about the care you showed.

You don’t need to be the Italy expert – you just need to know who to call.

Ciao, ciao!


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