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Where to Find Genuine Gelato in Florence

I'll let you in on a dirty secret: just because you're in Italy doesn't mean your food's authentic or... any good. Unfortunately, some restaurants skimp on quality -- snaring clueless customers with too-good-to-be-true tourist menus.

And, sadly, it's no different when it comes to gelato. Too many shops try to hawk factory-made, bright blue glop as though it were genuine gelato. Thankfully, we know exactly where your clients can enjoy handmade icy goodness. Click here for our gelato guide or watch the fun video below.

Florence is the birthplace of gelato. So, wouldn't it be sad if your clients had to settle for a sub-spar cono (cone) here? To help, we've scooped up the Best 5 Gelato Shops in Florence for you:


Not only is gelato refreshing on a hot summer’s day, it also has less fat than American ice cream! So, go ahead — order two scoops next time.

Do you want your clients to savor Italy minus the tourist traps? Click the orange button to request your own delicious Italian itinerary.


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