When Do You Need An Expert?

by Sunni Chapman

It’s time to look for an expert when you realize that cookie-cutter tour operators aren’t doing anything for the GROWTH of your bottom line.   It’s THAT simple! 
Even though your gut has been telling you that it’s past time to find a destination expert, something within protests... “It’s not easy to find the right fit.” Or... “It’s hard to find the right partner.”   It’s time to listen to your heart. You KNOW that you aren’t doing yourself any favors by procrastinating.  It is going to take a little more work than a simple google search. But, when a tour operator or an onsite name keeps coming up, then you know NOW is time to explore deeper. Why? Because LIFE is calling.
This week we had a well-known and highly regarded person -- previously employed by a very well-known tour operator --   contact us to see if we are the right fit for their NEW travel company.  Our name kept popping up because of our stellar reputation. But, more than anything, it's the rapport and trust that we've nourished with our partners in travel that drew this person to   See Italy. 
Those who have used us know that if they want an out-of-this-world kind of experience then they need to come to   See Italy.   These agents KNOW that if they want kick-butt referrals from their clients then their best chance is to start with us! 
It is hard to overcome some people’s mindset. I get it. Some try to compare us with the cookie-cutter tour operators. And, I honestly don’t blame them. I was in their shoes once. Eventually, my experiences got me to thinking: “Why should I book my family trip to Ecuador with a general tour operator? Why not book it with an onsite who was referred to us, who is local and who knows the ins and outs of that country?”   Why would anyone settle for less? 
It’s always better to do it right the first time because you may not get a 2nd chance. Who wants to spend more money because I didn’t do it right to begin with? 
When we speak to our agents,  we ask about their clients' hobbies -- what they like to do together in their spare time and what they’ve enjoyed about previous trips.   We LISTEN  to what   TRAVELERS  have to say and find out what   THEY  want to experience -- not just what   WE  want to sell them. We put our personal preferences to the side and offer them what we know will be the best experience for them.
Our chef cooking at his Tuscan farm with happy travelers. 
We give travelers our professional, experienced, knowledgeable advice and do   not just take their order.  We tell them what is best for them, recommending one thing over another. In this way, we orchestrate the best experience... creating something that often goes well beyond what the clients first had in mind.
Our mission is to provide for the moments when life-changing experiences occur. We create the memories that last a lifetime!
The key is to bring the best to people,  to fill their hearts with love and their minds with the wonder of what the authentic Italy is like. If this happens by just simply sharing a meal with a local Italian family or by just following sheep and seeing how cheese is made, so be it.
Life is the best when lived simply... without filters. Choose your partner carefully. Remember, if creating memories isn't your goal, then a traveler is just an abstract sale.   C lients for LIFE are earned when we create authentic memories for people. 
All the best,
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