What's Our Problem?

by Sunni Chapman

January, January 2017…hmmm… there is something about this January that seems to have people on edge… and while this is historically when people plan their vacations, some people are acting and planning as if this will be the last year of their lives. There is something in the air, that’s for sure…

…the Euro has a much lower exchange rate toward the dollar and when that happens we’ve normally seen all kinds of people wanting to leverage the strength of the dollar by traveling to Europe, thinking that if they don’t go now, they may not be able to afford it later.

While this is great for those travelers who always thought that traveling to Europe was beyond their finances, it could make our job more difficult if we haven’t presented a clear and consistent message to you, our beloved travel agent client. AND based on the number and type of requests we’ve been fielding this year it’s clear to me that our message isn’t…or hasn’t been clear enough.

I have written many articles in the past on this subject and every time I do I realize that I run the risk of losing some of you because it may appear that we are only looking to create itineraries for 1% of the population. This could not be further from our goal, but the fact is that we absolutely are not the right source for EVERYONE traveling Italy.

See Italy Travel creates exceptional itineraries of Authentic Italian Travel which will provide your clients a lifetime of memories. In the simplest terms I can convey that is what we do, it is the ONLY thing we do, and we humbly acknowledge the fact that we do it better than anyone else, period.

See Italy Travel has not, does not and will not provide every day, generic, itineraries produced for the masses, which are designed to make up for rock bottom prices by using ANY available provider or accommodation regardless of reputation or history.By definition we don’t compete with internet travel mills or companies who make up for their razor thin margins with bulk.

As See Italy grows, our well-deserved reputation continues to garner respect and accolades and we find that we are becoming victims of our own success. Sadly, some travel agents come to See Italy looking for us to provide the latter when they should know, from our marketing, that we ONLY do the former. To be completely honest, when this happens it wastes both our client’s and our own time and resources.

We spend a lot of time creating weekly newsletters and invest so much time, energy, and resources educating you, our travel agent clients, because we have learned that no one benefits when you try to be something you are not or try to produce something you are not passionate about.

There is no company like See Italy Travel. We are passionate about sharing the Authentic Italian culture that we love with everyone we can. We are driven to help others who are like minded to create an extended “family” who’s ideals, ethics, and authenticity are in alignment with our own.

Those of you who have used our services know that we produce amazing and unique itineraries that give you (the travel agent) a world of clients. What we mean by this phrase is that we’ve seen time and again, after your client travels with us, they know that they can trust you to provide the rest of the world for all their future requests that go beyond Italy.

Currently we are facing a problem… some travel agents who’ve recently found us via referral or online don’t understand what makes us different and they have been making the mistake of focusing on price. We believe this is a disservice to everyone involved including the client, themselves and See Italy.

If you have a client who asks for, “the cheapest travel package to Italy” you should never think of See Italy Travel, and quite honestly you will do yourself a favor if you refer them to the myriad of internet engines, because that is who you will be competing against trying to earn their business.

If you have a client who says, “I love to travel not only because of the sites I see but also because of the people I meet and I want to experience Italian culture from a local’s perspective” then you will have found a perfect match for See Italy and for yourself because once they have experienced our Italy you WILL have a client for life and they WILL come to you time after time for the rest of the world.

One last thought for this week, we have noticed that some agents take it upon themselves to UNNECESSARILY and PREEMPTIVELY make decisions that limit their client’s options which ultimately diminish their client’s experiences. They usually do this, eliminating options, with only price in mind. Our Advice…Don’t do it! 

It is imperative to allow your client make the financial decisions. If you come to us for Italy, you already know that we will deliver the experience that your client wants. So there is no need to limit their choices by focusing on saving a few dollars here and there. Trust me when I say that the agents who’ve heeded our advice have never regretted it. 

Did I say what I think lately? Well, you have it now…I LOVE each and every one of you!!!!Very much!



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