What do you consider STEALING?

by Sunni Chapman

I realize that the subject title for this week’s newsletter can be considered   somewhat provocative.  I can hear some of you saying, “The newsletter is supposed to be all about Italian travel Laura. Why bring up this heavy subject?” My reasoning is simple, if I am having to deal with an issue, then in all likelihood you are also having similar experiences. As you know part of our mission is to help our partners, our extended family, if you will, to succeed, prosper and grow right along with us.

WE WANT TO MAKE MONEY and we want to earn a PROFIT.

I don’t think that I am offending anyone by declaring that obvious fact and I will go one step further and state that I have no doubt that   YOU ALSO want to MAKE MONEY & EARN A PROFIT.
Clearly,   most businesses don’t include those statements in their marketing or advertising campaigns  and neither do we normally. It is universally understood that people work to make money and most people want to increase their income to improve their quality of life.
There are many ways to increase profits. We made a choice years ago  to offer the highest quality, authentic Italian travel possible and to focus on the lesser known regions throughout Italy.  We believed this combination would set us apart from the rest of the travel industry, including everyone on the internet, and allow us to profit, and grow. And we were 100% right. The response from you and your clients has been amazing and our growth has been steep and steady!
BUT we are driven by much MORE than simply making money!   We are Italian through and through, we LOVE our homeland and we are PASSIONATE about sharing our amazing country  with as many people as possible around the world. Therefore another pillar of our mission and our business model is to grow our Italy travel FAMILY by sharing our successes and our knowledge with travel agents who are interested in becoming experts in Italian travel and partnering with us.
We provide all kinds of educational material. We publish weekly newsletters which normally focus on helping travel agents increase their knowledge of Italy and how to then   leverage that knowledge into attracting higher end clientele  and, as importantly, how to quickly discern the difference between their ideal clients and the ones who are looking for the cheapest travel that they can afford.
Our newsletters almost always state that we look forward to hearing from you and that we are available to answer your questions and help you become true Italian travel experts.

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So, when I get calls from people who know us and what our mission is, but call nonetheless time and time again to get as much “free” information as they can while   NEVER intending to partner with us, I have to laugh! But it is not funny. It’s sad actually. At some point, it becomes an act of theft, stealing if you will, because they are taking our time to create profits exclusively for themselves. Their selfish acts ultimately take food from our children's mouths because our time could have been spent helping other clients or developing other travel partners.   So in a sense, they are stealing from you too. 
We are deeply grateful to all of you  who have contacted us throughout the years for all of your Italy travel questions because you wanted to become an Italian Travel Expert while partnering with us.   You are the reason why See Italy Travel has become the unrivaled leader in Italian Travel and we cherish the fact that you are part of our family!
Instead of admonishing those of you who may have taken advantage of our expertise without actually using our services   I would like to invite you to take the next step and truly partner with us.  I promise that   your clients will thank you for it and you will sleep better having us do all the heavy lifting while you get all the credit.  By the way, did you know that we offer a complimentary 3-way call with your clients where YOU become the Italy expert.  
Lastly – Love and Peace to everyone who, like we do, respect other people’s time and resources. God Bless You.
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