Do it well, one time!!

by Sunni Chapman

If you’re following me on Facebook then you’ve probably noticed that I am back on American soil this week, in South Carolina. For some reason everything I do lately is all about the south, no matter which continent I’m on. The more I travel though, the more certain I am that this is precisely where I am meant to be!

There is so much that I love about the south including the weather, the people and the slower pace. My kids love having time to enjoy their surroundings AND the fact that everyone here makes us feel like part of the family!!


This is the fourth time I’ve visited Newberry but it’s so different than what I’m familiar with that I feel like I don’t know anything about it. Although people here are genuinely warm and friendly, I realized that traveling without having access to the locals, the people and the culture, leaves me with a sense that I am missing out on something.

I know that I could have asked someone for help getting around town or I could have asked if the local college had any tours or programs for visiting families to get to know what life is like in this small town…something that would help me feel like a local. Wouldn’t THAT be a great service to use?

Feeling like I’m missing something here reminds me how See Italy Travel is providing a valuable service, and doing it exceedingly well, I might add, by creating itineraries that accomplish, throughout Italy, exactly what I am missing on my trip to Newberry. The ability to experience life as a local. Every day during our client interviews we ask them what they hope to experience and see while traveling through Italy. And day after day, from client after client we learn that a vast majority want more than to just “visit” highly traveled tourist destinations.

We are encouraged to learn that we are doing it right when we create memories that last a lifetime! Because we don’t just focus on the places visited, we make sure to provide our clients with the best drivers, guides, dinner experiences and authentic encounters possible. Even if this means that they need to slow their pace just a bit.

Isn’t this the goal in life? To take the time to enjoy everything, ESPECIALLY when on vacation! Do it right once and savor the memories for a lifetime. Of course, doing it well doesn’t mean that our clients are through with Italy after one trip. Quite the opposite in fact as we have many repeat customers who experience a strong emotional connection and then want to return to Italy to visit other, less traveled locations. They know that we will provide even more uniquely authentic experiences for them to enjoy.

The primary reason why we chose Sicily for our family adventure is because it is going to become the next location at the top of everyone’s “must see” list. Whether people think of it as just another Italian state, the “Other Italy” or the region of Sicily. It is going to become a hot travel destination. Mark my words.

What I mean is that Sicily is so wonderful and full of different influences from the Norman- Arabs, to the Jewish culture to the Roman-Greeks and more! Wherever you travel through this amazing state, you will find such distinctly different locations that one day you might feel like you are traveling in Africa, the next in Greece or Israel, and so on. Sicily is a potpourri of cultures and so safe that everybody wants to start traveling there.

So why not consider discovering it yourself before your clients even ask you about it? Travel with us to Sicily and you will understand how fantastic it is, the great food and wine culture they have and how wonderfully the locals live and if you are lucky, you will even be able to meet a count or a princess that we personally know who will welcome you to their home for a lovely dinner together.

 We are waiting for you…




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