It is Wednesday night there yet?

by Sunni Chapman

"It is Wednesday night there yet?"

This is one of the questions that I was asked today when it was time to send in my copy for the Thursday newsletter. It is Wednesday night here when it is Wednesday afternoon at our home office in San Diego and the newsletter guy is knocking on my “computer” asking me where the heck I am.

A lot has happened since our arrival in Palermo, Sicily, last Saturday night.Here’s the short version. First we flew business class on Edelweiss, which had excellent service and comfortable seats, from San Diego to Zurich. Then we flew Swiss air from Zurich to Palermo. When we arrived in Palermo the immigration guy stopped us after observing our two carts full with 8 pieces of checked luggage weighing 70 pounds each. I have to confess that two of them actually weighed more than 75 pounds but let’s just keep that between us since they didn’t catch it and charge us. The immigration guy noted the vast amount of luggage and asked us if we were bringing the house to Sicily.Jokingly I said that the dishes would arrive tomorrow and the kitchen sink was due the day after and because of this immediate friendship he stamped our documents and welcomed us to Sicily!

Unfortunately the cart I picked would not let me turn so instead of casually pushing it through the terminal I struggled somewhat, navigating backwards as I was forced to pull it to make our grand entrance into the country… red carpet everybody, coming through.


When we arrived at our new residence, which is a one-story Italian apartment where Michael, myself and our 2 small children will be living for a year at least (and hopefully much longer), we couldn’t believe what we were seeing. We didn’t realize what we were getting when we rented it on-line. You know as well as I do that you don’t always know what you’re getting when you rely ONLY on the internet to make decisions. In this case it was like ordering a mail order spouse, praying for someone who wasn’t an axe murder, only to find out you got Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. We struck mail-order/internet GOLD! At least on the surface our rental is a Sicilian dream-come-true apartment and much nicer than we had thought or hoped. I’ll let you know if our first impression holds as the year unfolds.

In the coming days, weeks and months we will get acquainted with many new things which I will share with you in this space each week, but for now one thing is for sure…we can’t complain about anything because EVERYTHING has been a dream come true! For example tomorrow is the first day of school for our children and the lunch menu has better offerings than many wedding menus I have seen.

If you haven’t contemplated visiting us, you should and if you are already thinking of visiting us please do act on your thoughts because this is your chance to mingle with Sicilians, feel like a local and share an authentic Italian meal with us. Know that our open invitation is sincere and if you don’t want to stay with us, and feel like a cozy Italian family, we can always craft a custom vacation for you and your clients. Better yet, sign up for our March educational to Sicily, we would love to show you around and show you what we can do for you. We can’t wait to show you firsthand what it is to build lifelong memories from scratch.



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