YOU Are So Vital To Your Clients Itineraries

by Sunni Chapman

In last week’s newsletter titled, “How to bring more YOU to your itineraries” I discussed how one of the biggest problems facing travel agents is that they don’t recognize their own value. Click HERE to review it or if you missed the newsletter altogether.

The fact is that YOU, the travel agent, are the most important component in your client’s travel equation because you and your experiences are critical when matching your client’s desires with their available options. Your human touch is invaluable but you may need to change your own perspective in order to take advantage of your own value.

This change does not mean you have to work harder. It doesn’t mean giving up all of your time and knowledge to a customer. It simply means bringing more of YOU and YOUR expertise to the table. “How do I do that?” you may be asking yourself.

I get that this may not be something that comes naturally to most people. We aren’t simply machines with volumes of facts and data crammed in our skulls.

We ARE the culmination of years of personal experience and pertinent knowledge gained while helping hundreds or thousands of others navigate the intricate and often intimidating maze of travel. This is what makes us different and vastly more valuable than the internet.

The fact that we are different is something to be heralded because no one teaches us to be different. In fact we are taught from an early age to all be the same…sit down, shut up and do what you’re told.

At least that was my experience in the Italian school system. I rebelled. My mom often wondered out loud why I was always causing trouble, always wanting to be so different than everyone else. I couldn’t answer her then or now, but it turns out that my need to be different than the crowd was a good thing because ultimately I was training myself to use my individual and unique characteristics to create my own success. NOW, it is your chance to rebel and further your own success!!!

You may not know what this will bring to you and your business, but I can attest that it will be rewards all around!



When your clients know that you are different than everyone else, especially the methodical and sterile internet, they can make an educated decision about booking with you. When you are not specific about who you are and who you can best serve, potential guests feel uncertain, wondering what they will get from you when you try to sell them something.

Be unapologetically yourself!!! If you are already running a good business, KNOW that you can reap even more success by promoting your greatest asset, YOU. Take a short break and do some introspective thinking, do the deep dive and see what reveals itself to you.

What market could YOU OWN? Speak from the depths of your heart and when you talk to your customers they will know instantly that you are THE ONLY one to work with. Trust me when I say that price and persuasion won’t be part of your conversations from that point forward because they will have pre-selected YOU themselves.

Always buy from suppliers that speak to you as you do to your clients, honestly and from the heart. Listen to your gut to know if they are the right fit for you or not. Shop with your heart, feelings and experiences and leave your client’s wallet at home. After all, you are ONLY going to work with those companies that share your VALUES, BELIEFS and your PASSION!

Keep well and always be yourself because there isn’t anyone like you, anywhere!

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