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by Sunni Chapman

This is my last week in Italy and I've written this while returning from a trip to Bologna where one of my team members was born. Oh boy!   I do love traveling through Italy by train  - it is so easy and convenient - in two hours you can be in a major city with lots of history and of course, amazing food.
The key to visiting a city, no matter where it’s located, is to do it with a local and not just a tour guide.   You MUST have a tour guide who is passionate about sharing  their unique stories and activities and who is in contact with local realities and artisans. You will be amazed at how much more personal your experience will feel when guided by a person who is thoroughly connected to a city - 360 degrees from every angle.
When I met my team in Bologna we walked around the city with Ilaria who was born there and who still lives there now. With Ilaria as our guide   we discovered some amazing, but virtually unknown, places that we would have never found on our own.  It is something you will remember when you buy tortellini from a local shop, but it’s another thing altogether   when you discover the best tortellini you've ever tasted  and buy it from   a little shop, where the locals go, just around the corner from the one where all of the tourists stop.  THIS is something you will not only remember but will share with your friends and family for years to come because it is a personal connection you've made with Italy!
See Italy has long been known for our expertise in making our travelers feel like they are locals wherever they go.  We DON'T just provide itineraries that are unique or that concentrate in unknown destinations and regions.   We specialize in making even the most well known and traveled cities of Rome, Florence and Venice, a discovery of local experiences that go beyond the Vatican and the Colosseum, the David and the Chianti region, St. Mark’s Square and a gondola ride.  We make sure that our clients also get an introduction to each city the local’s way!
So don’t make the mistake  of thinking of See Italy as your go-to source who can ONLY help you with remote locations, with countryside encounters or with authentic experiences.   Think of us for everything that is ITALY, from the least traveled destination to the most, because the truth is that we are ITALY and we can’t wait to share it with you and your clients!


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