The Story of My Life

by Daniel Collinsworth

The story of my life...

…is Italy!!!

That’s it.

That is the story of my life.

Simply put Italy is everything to me!

It’s like a marriage made in heaven, I was preordained to be one with Italy. When I think about it, being 100% committed to Italy is perfectly normal. It just fits me perfectly, defects and all.

Besides all of the beautiful places throughout Italy which will take your breath away what I love most are its people, the cuisine, and a genuine but natural rawness that I define as authenticity. There simply is no other place on earth like Italy.

When I am in Italy I feel peaceful and energized at the same time. In a word I feel PERFECT, so much so that I wouldn’t change a thing. I even love Italy’s imperfections because they allow me to have genuine experiences with authentic people and places without pretenses.

I love, Love, LOVE to share these feelings with others and I live to provide people opportunities to have similar experiences as I have had. This is what See Italy Travel does and we do this extremely well. In fact no one does this as well as we do.

So if you have ever felt a desire to fall in love with yourself or others again, then come with us and we will show you heaven on earth...places and people you can enjoy now…no need to wait to discover in the afterlife :)



2018 continues to be an amazing year and I have enjoyed numerous discoveries and gained new perspective and insight that has enhanced my expertise immeasurably for Sicily as well as the rest of Italy. If you have considered, even just a mid-summer daydream of a thought, of building your Italian travel expertise then you might want to join us on a path of discovery and understanding of why your clients will love you EVEN MORE because of us.

If so then come to Sicily with us next April and soon after you could receive email from your clients like Janine does - see our Italy Praises and Love section below.

Inquire here...!


By the way, if you want to know more about our next educational/FAM trip to the south of Italy please let me know, it is happening next year, April 1 - April 10th, 2019, and it will be EPIC!


We ONLY have 1 spot remaining on the 10/29 - 11/05 Tuscany educational trip. Don't MISS it because it will be SPECTACULAR!!!

This is an amazing opportunity and there is only ONE spot left. If you haven't seen the itinerary yet you can download it here.

If you are interested then please don't wait to reserve your seat. Start the process by clicking here.

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