The Real Stuff!

by Sunni Chapman

When you travel through Italy it won’t take you long to realize how authentic Italy truly is!The people are real, the food is real and there is real sh#t (stuff) too. It’s real in every sense of the word!

When traveling through Italy you can’t help but notice the good, the great, and sometimes even the things that aren’t all that great. No matter what, you inevitably come to realize just how easy it is to fall in love with every place you visit here. What's amazing is that you will fall for each place because of something genuine and unique.

Last weekend, after being here for less than a week and feeling a little bored by not having anything to do, I decided to fly from Palermo, where we are living for a year, to my hometown of Turin where my mom lives. Turin is beautiful, and although the people are slightly less warm than my new southern neighbors, everyone is authentic.

I’m here to help my second eldest daughter matriculate at the first “slow food” movement school where the students will be taught everything there is to know about food. They’ll learn about the science of food, the history of food, the future of food in general and a whole lot about wine and beer. In other words, they’ll learn about the history of Italy.

My daughter wants to become a journalist focusing on food. Ask yourself, who could possibly be better equipped to become an accomplished food critic than an Italian raised in the states with an Italian culinary education and me as a role model? No one, that’s who!She will be keeping it real. I can assure you of that.


Speaking of keeping it real, while walking through the city, we went to the first Eataly food store in the world, which happens to be 4 blocks from my mom’s house. While there we found a new product called “Real Shit.” After taking a double take and a third look I realized that it wasn’t a joke or a gag. It is a real product that with eye-catching marketing hopes to replenish the nutrients in people’s home garden soil while igniting an interest in people growing the food served at their dinner table. The ingredients are real cow and chicken poop which is exactly what my grandparents used to fertilize their crops back on the farm. Brilliant no?

So all this made me realize is that from top to bottom Italy is just real, and this is just where I belong…and so do you!

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