The power of relationships

by Sunni Chapman

A delicious cheese-themed tour with a joint venture partner we have in San Diego just concluded. Their store took a group to my region of Piemonte for a cheese, food and wine tour which filled their hearts with memories and left them inspired by the many encounters they had with the locals. 

Of course, the sights, smells, and fully satiated stomachs were fully enjoyed and appreciated by the group but the highest praises they gave was for the personal exchanges they had with the Italians they encountered throughout their travels. 

Italy is one of those unique places in the world where you can easily become enthralled by the charms of the people AND scenery, naturally becoming hooked.   People often find themselves literally falling in love with Italy to the point where they begin planning their next trip even before the one they are on has concluded.  I call this being hooked for life! Take my husband for instance, he had no idea what he was getting into when he met me and now… he can’t live without me. :) 
Aside from our humor and fulfilling your clients’ hopes and dreams, the main reason that we have been so successful over the years is that we are able to provide a unique mix of accommodations, drivers, guides and excursions that together create an emotional connection between Italy and our travelers. THESE emotional connections, which will remain with them for the rest of their lives, are   naturally attributed to YOUR professional expertise.  They will share your name with their family and friends, providing strong business opportunities for life.
Our guides, our hotel managers and our partners all understand that we at See Italy, only work with those feelings in mind, we don’t play with people’s hearts and we certainly don’t expect to sell just a vacation for the sake of it. We are not a one-time, single sale, company!   We always endeavor to create a long-term relationship between you, Italy and your clients. (Take a look at the See Italy Praises section below) 
This is the reason why we ask YOU to come and travel through Italy WITH us, not because you cannot do it on your own, but   because once you experience the way we travel, then you will be able to convey our unique qualities and your expertise to your customers which will keep them with you for life.  They will be hooked, so much so that that they will drink whatever flavor KOOL-AID you have. Once they hear your personal experiences then they will want to see for themselves what you are so passionate about yourself, and when they return from Italy they will trust your choice of vacation because they know you understand them.
Before I decided to specialize in Italian travel exclusively, I didn’t understand why I had lost the little enjoyment I once had being a travel agent. I didn’t know it at the time but I was looking to find my passion.   Once I realized what my passion was, Italian travel, and I allowed myself to follow it wherever it took me, the sky has been the limit.  I love what I do and I love sharing my Italy with the travel world.
Please enjoy this special podcast that our Joint Venture partner, Cheese Shop, created for us, after their tour. Guess what? They have already booked two other dates in 2018 with us! We wouldn’t have it any other way and they couldn’t imagine partnering with anyone else!   WE are both hooked! 


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