Tailor-Made Travel

by Sunni Chapman




Like any business, the travel industry has its fair share of in vogue terms. For example, "bespoke" -- a fancy way to say 'customized' -- is having a moment right now. What do we really mean by "tailor-made" travel, though?

As I see it, the difference between "tailor-made" and cookie-cutter trips is simple. Tailor-made trips are created for specific individuals. Cookie cutter tours, in contrast, are made to be resold again and again -- no matter who's buying. Put another way: cookie cutter trips aim for quantity over quality. 

Tailor-made experiences start instead with a specific body -- not just anybody -- in mind. They're intricately designed. They're carefully embellished. They're individually revised. And, like any tailored article of clothing, it takes skill to shape and reshape a trip around different bodies' needs. 

I could blab on all day about this -- I really am an unabashed travel geek. But, today, I wanted to bring you a more personal message. Click below to hear me talk about how See Italy tailors all our trips. 

Blending destination expertise with personalized care, See Italy helps you to tailor each itinerary to your unique clients. When they travel with us, they won't feel like they're on any old trip. 

Your traveler will know instead that every step of their journey has been designed -- with care -- just for them.

Do you want to be known as the person who sells one-size-fits-all items or as someone skilled at molding seamless memories? You decide.

Ciao, ciao!
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