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Summer Bucket List, Italian-Style

Summer is the ideal time to experience Italy. Not sure where to go? Explore 6 of our must-see summer escapes.   Charming Lake Como Como is Italy's...

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The Story of My Life

The story of my life...

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How can you recognize a tourist trap?

7 Ways to Skip the Tourist Traps You’re in a foreign country and don't know where to eat. You spot a sign advertising a  Tourist Menu! So, you think...

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Arrivederci 2017, Ciao 2018

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Say cheese!

I hope you’ve enjoyed a warm holiday season – filled with a multitude of merriment and family fun. After spending three weeks in Italy, it’s been...

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Buone Feste!

Happy Holidays from the See Italy Travel Team!

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The Art of Travel

Today marks the fifteenth day that I’ve been in Italy. I’ve drunk in the sights (and a cup or two of Chianti). I’ve wandered medieval stone streets....

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Wintry wonders, Italian-style

Torrone tempts your tastebuds. Strings of lights blink overhead. Where are you? In a mercatino di Natale — one of Italy’s Christmas markets....

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There are a lot of fish in the sea

Amazing…life is just amazing and some people surprise me, sometimes beyond belief.

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Are you home yet?

Saluti da Roma! Greetings from Rome! I arrived here yesterday and will spend the next two weeks in Italy – enjoying authentic eats,wow-worthy...

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Laura's Easy Carbonara

Laura's Easy Carbonara A lot of Italian food is regional -- what you mangi in Milano isn't what you'll find in Florence. But, some dishes are beloved by all Italians. No...

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