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Summer Bucket List, Italian-Style

Summer is the ideal time to experience Italy. Not sure where to go? Explore 6 of our must-see summer escapes.   Charming Lake Como Como is Italy's...

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The Story of My Life

The story of my life...

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How can you recognize a tourist trap?

7 Ways to Skip the Tourist Traps You’re in a foreign country and don't know where to eat. You spot a sign advertising a  Tourist Menu! So, you think...

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Arrivederci 2017, Ciao 2018

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Say cheese!

I hope you’ve enjoyed a warm holiday season – filled with a multitude of merriment and family fun. After spending three weeks in Italy, it’s been...

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Buone Feste!

Happy Holidays from the See Italy Travel Team!

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The Art of Travel

Today marks the fifteenth day that I’ve been in Italy. I’ve drunk in the sights (and a cup or two of Chianti). I’ve wandered medieval stone streets....

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Wintry wonders, Italian-style

Torrone tempts your tastebuds. Strings of lights blink overhead. Where are you? In a mercatino di Natale — one of Italy’s Christmas markets....

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There are a lot of fish in the sea

Amazing…life is just amazing and some people surprise me, sometimes beyond belief.

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Are you home yet?

Saluti da Roma! Greetings from Rome! I arrived here yesterday and will spend the next two weeks in Italy – enjoying authentic eats,wow-worthy...

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Italian New Year's Traditions

Italian New Year's Traditions Each country in the world has its own way to celebrate the New Year. Italy is no exception, with Italian New Year’s traditions varying from region to...

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