Summer is Coming For Us, Too

by Daniel Collinsworth

Reread the subject line but change the voice in your head to sound like the booming and foreboding narrator in a blockbuster movie trailer, “Summer is coming for you and summer is coming for us too!” Kind of ominous don’t you think?

It makes sense though because summer can be adventurous, dramatic and action packed. Those of you with children can probably relate to my description, especially if I add that it is all wrapped up in the mystery and thrill of how to find time to take care of all of their free-time needs, which is 24/7, while working.

By the time this newsletter is published on Friday, I will be in transit, with our kids, to meet up with Michael in San Diego for the summer. My children are ecstatic for the adventure but they are also sad to leave their friends in Italy behind. Even though my wise- beyond-her-years, almost 7-year-old was crying about missing her friends, I reminded her that she was just as sad 10 months ago when we moved to Sicily, leaving the friends we will be seeing this week behind.

I explained to her that if she focused on the fact that she was going to be seeing these friends for the first time in almost a year, then she could ALSO look forward to returning to Sicily in the fall because she would be reunited with her Italian friends. I told her it was a matter of perspective, instead of focusing on something negative, it is much more uplifting to focus on the fact that no matter where she is going, her destination will bring her to friends she loves!

Being free and being a nomad sometimes is hard but at the same time it opens up our hearts to receive new people into our lives while still cherishing those who are already part of us. Talking about new people, we have lots of news to share with you soon. Stay tuned!!!

All of this is fun and exciting! Summer travel gives us opportunities to make new connections in the world, while we open doors to new adventures and even more experiences.

We are so strong in Italy because we have so many people spread around the country that we can say (in the booming movie narrator voice) See Italy Travel is like a giant, friendly and helpful octopus in the Mediterranean Sea. Although this imagery isn’t going to compel us to change our logo anytime soon, it does provide a visual to the fact that we have lots of connections throughout Italy that can make anything happen for our travelers. Even more importantly everyone on the team works together with the one common goal to provide the most amazing experience possible for every See Italy client.

Until next week when the adventure continues...




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