Story of the South

by Daniel Collinsworth

This story is not about King’s landing and has nothing to do with Wildlings or the White Walkers from the north in the Game of Thrones saga.

This IS a story about the south of both Italy and the United States. That’s right! For some reason I don’t like the north that much which is odd because I was born in northern Italy and I was raised in the north but my heart has always been linked to the kindred spirits in the south. My mom knew that my preference began early in life because while growing up in the northern Italian city of Turin mom used to make fun of me because I only hung out with people from the south.


You need to know that in the 60’s many people migrated from southern to northern Italy to find work. Most of my friends’ parents were from the southern regions in Italy. I was the only “pure” northerner from my large group of friends. My mom knew that I loved the warm-fuzzy feeling I got by being around their big families, especially the loudness and all of the rich food and the energy of family gathering around the table at meal times that I couldn’t get in my single parent, single sibling home.

When I reflect on that formative time in my life I realize now that so much of the joy of my childhood was derived from a feeling of belonging to these other larger, southern families. So much so that I have always wanted to have my own large, loud and loving family and always wanted to create a welcoming sense of belonging for anyone and everyone we invited into our home.

This deep desire has naturally been a fundamental motivation for why I created See Italy Travel and the desire to share the joy I’ve known from being part of the greater Italian “family” guides how we do business.

This week I traveled to South Carolina for my oldest daughter’s college graduation and I was reminded once more that my place is in the south. I like the slow pace, the warm people and the fact that, like in Italy, a meal is not only about the food but equally about nourishing our souls by sharing the events in each other’s lives. More than any other place, I find that when I am in the south I can just be myself compared to everywhere else where I need to be busy. I am a busy body who loves to be busy doing busy things. So I guess I’m only at ease in the south.

Tomorrow I am flying back to Italy where I will keep developing authentic Italian itineraries which will make my travelers feel at home and part of the Italian family whether they are in the north or the south!

By the way, if you want to know more about our next educational/FAM trip to the south of Italy please let me know, it is happening next year in March again, and it will be EPIC!



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