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by Daniel Collinsworth

The human love for travel transcends young and old, man and woman. We all love discovering new places -- whether they’re in our backyards or a back street in Rome.

But, let’s be honest, HOW and WHY we travel differs greatly based on who we are. Customizing trips for your unique travelers is one reason we love our work. So, we wanted to share with you this week a booming niche market in travel.

We hope you’ll find insight and inspiration in our latest blog, How Travel Empowers Women. Click the image below to learn the Top 5 Reasons Women Travel Together. ((Hint: it’s not shopping!))

Women's Italy Group Trip

At See Italy, we know that memorable escapes start with the WHO first.

Would your lady explorers, Sunni, be interested in our Women’s Departure (10/15/18 – 10/26/18)? It's custom-designed to appeal to today's female travelers.

We’ve got just 3 spots left in this join-in journey. Don't hesitate to share this special travel opportunity with your adventuresome clients.

Ciao, ciao!



Do you want to put together an exclusive group to Italy? We’d be delighted to help! Just click the button to your right and we’ll craft a special Italy journey just for you!


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