Spectacular Sicily

by Chris Atwood

I love all of Italy. But, I have to confess: Sicily is especially spectacular.

  • In Favignana, you can bask on a sailboat -- bobbing in blue waters
  • In Agrigento, you can peruse stone temples built by Ancient Greeks
  • In Taormina, you can view snow-capped Etna and the shimmering sea
  • In Palermo you can savor local sweets like cannoli or a pistachio gelato 

Being the largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily has been a center of trade and culture for thousands of years. Settlers as diverse as the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Arabs, and the French have left their mark on Sicily's sun-soaked shores. As a result, some places in Sicily serve couscous while others are famed for residents with blond hair and blue eyes!

Just a few days ago See Italy 's founder, Laura Masson moved to Palermo with her family. Why? Because we are devoted to bring you the authentic Italy -- the people beyond the postcards. We are convinced that Sicily embodies authenticity.

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Sicily brims with real customsreal connection, and real kindness.

Locals here don't sell visitors a false image of who they area. In true Sicilian fashion, they'll welcome you inside the land they call home. Over the next year, we'll be sharing more and more of the Sicily we know and love --taking you behind-the-scenes in local markets, centuries-old vineyards, and historic towns.

As stunning as Sicily is, framed by glistening waters and crowned in striking hills, it's thewarmth of the Sicilian people that seduced us. Travelers are not treated as outsiders in Sicily... but like part of Sicilians' own families.

Instead of mediocre tourist menus, visitors to Sicily will delight in a buffet of local delicacies. Travelers to Sicily come home bursting with real memories -- a dinner shared alongside a local grandmother or the afternoon spent in an artisan's workshop.

Sicily represents the antithesis of mass tourism . It's the family-run trattoria, the 100-year-old ceramic shop, and the town where locals greet each other by name. Connection, bringing travelers inside an Italy they didn't know existed, is what drives us. And, it's why we're so thrilled to share our Sicily with you, Sunni.

We'd love for you to see Sicily with us. Laura will be escorting a select group of agents here from March 11 - March 20th, 2018. You can download our Sicily FAM itinerary by clicking here. If you haven't done so already, you can apply to join us here:seeitalytravel.com/application

Still curious about Sicily? Below you'll find 3 wow-worthy experiences from our trip for agents:


Standing in Taormina's 2,3oo-year-old amphitheater, you can glimpse the vast diversity of Sicily's land and history. Behind you lies the coastal jewel of Taormina -- filled with charming squares and chic hotels built in the 18th century. Before you rest the ruins of Sicily's ancient past -- when the island boasted powerful Greek colonies. And, just off in the distance, you can eye the snow-laced peak of Mt. Etna, which is Europe's largest active volcano. All of this beauty, by the way, is framed by the glittering blue of the Mediterranean Sea.



In Sicily's hilltop villages, culinary traditions that are harder to find in big cities still thrive. In Sant'Angelo Muxaro, a stone hamlet perched atop a rocky bluff, we'll meet with a local cheese maker. He will show us how his family has made pistachio-studded pecorino f or generations. In the nearby town of San Biagio, we'll go behind-the-scenes at a Sicilian bakery. You'll see how Sicilian "pizza" is made from scratch and watch dough turn into crusty bread in a wood-fired oven. Naturally, we will savore a taste of Sicily in each locale.

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Nourished by rich volcanic soils, the slopes of Mt. Etna are home to some of the finest wineries in Sicily. The minerals from volcanic ash give a distinctive flavor to the wines produced here -- something you can only find in this one area of Sicily. First, we will tour the vineyards of a family-run winery here, learning about the ancient art of wine making from the winery's owner. Then, we will relish a tasting in the vineyard's cellars -- paired, of course, with a bountiful Sicilian lunch.

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Are you ready to see Italy for yourself? Join one of our upcoming trips for agents and wow your clients with your inside connections in Italy. We help you to experience the Italy today's travelers are craving.

Ciao, ciao!

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Christopher Atwood

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