Why Puglia Is... Trulli Memorable

by Chris Atwood

With August almost here, it's hard to believe that the fall will soon be upon us. Autumn in Italy is harvest time -- when grapes that ripened all summer in the sun are finally plucked. In the Italian countryside, you'll see hills ablaze in red, yellow and orange foliage. Festivals honoring local foods -- white truffles in Alba or chocolate in Perugia -- abound in the autumnal months.

Fall is also when the See Italy team and I bring select agents to Europe with us. Every October and November, small groups of travel advisors attend our educational trips to Italy. In fall 2017, we will explore: Umbria (sold-out!) and Puglia / Matera (November). 

We make a point NOT to call these trips "FAMs." As you know, FAM -- in travel industry slang -- means a "familiarizing trip." Hotel groups or destination management companies host these to promote their properties or locations to travel agents. Typically, they're jam-packed with site visits--herding agents from hotel to hotel. Sadly, on these trips, there's often scant time to get out and enjoy the place they're -- allegedly -- familiarizing you with.

I'll be honest with you: our trips for agents won't "familiarize" you with Italy. Instead, we immerse you in the authentic Italy.

In fact, we craft each journey so that you can experience Italy like your high-end clients --- amazed, not familiarized. How? You'll slumber in comfort in your own deluxe room. You'll taste wine at private vineyards closed to the public. You'll enjoy a truffle hunt in the countryside or a private boat cruise with a local captain. 

Each day, we'll share with you the Italy beyond the mass market itineraries. You'll be lavished with personal care and one-on-one attention. In fact, we limit our trips to 12 participants -- this way, we can get to know you as an individual. We treat you as a traveler.... not just a potential source of income. 

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Puglia, which we're touring this Nov. 4th - Nov. 11th, is one of Italy's best-kept secrets. When you ask Italians where they like to go in the warmer months, it's likely they won't ever name the Amalfi Coast. Instead, they'll say P-U-G-L-I-A -- the sun-drenched heel of the Italian boot.

Puglia is bright blue waters. 

Puglia is silver-green olive groves. 

Puglia is whitewashed cities perched on hills.

Tourism in Puglia reflects genuine hospitality and time-honed traditions. Here, you can taste fresh-pressed olive oil at a family farm. Here, you can make focaccia from scratch with a local grandmother. Here, you can watch the sun dip in the Mediterranean on a quiet shore -- without a tourist crowd or cruise ship in sight. 

Below, we're sharing 3 reasons why Puglia will entice even your worldliest of travelers:


Field after field of olive trees fill Puglia’s sun-soaked land. Silvery leaves and gnarled branches brim with purple and green olives. In the fall, farmers pick the olives and press them into green oil. Puglia alone accounts for 40% of Italy’s olive oil production! Visitors might tour a family-run farm, enjoying a tasting in the shade of an olive tree.

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Food fans will fall in love with Puglia. In Puglia, pasta doesn’t come from a box. Each day, local cooks turn flour and water into fresh pasta. Famous throughout Italy is Puglia’s signature pasta—orecchiette. From caciocavallo to fresh burrata, Puglia produces some of Italy’s finest cheese. Travelers need to try Puglia’s excellent bread too — kneaded, proofed and wood-fired the old-fashioned way. Travelers to Puglia can shape orecchiette by hand or enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of a cheese farm



When you enter the Val d’Itria, you’ll immediately notice the trulli dotting the horizon. Trulli are the traditional stone homes of this region – topped in a cone-shaped roof. In the countryside, trulliwere built in groups of up to a dozen. The town of Alberobello is famous throughout Italy for the quantity of trulli found there. Nowhere else in Italy will you find these buildings – originally built this way so they could be quickly taken down to avoid heavy property taxes. A visit to Puglia is incomplete without seeing these iconic (and beautiful) homes!)


You want clients to rave about inside your connections, right? Consider investing in your education and join us in Puglia this fall! With See Italy, your travelers will savor the Italy visitors rarely experience.

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