Something Special Happens When Women Travel Together

by Daniel Collinsworth

"No one comes back from Italy without raving about this country," Mary Jo Gregory of Northside Travel recently told us. "Italy has it all -- ancient history, locals who warmly welcome you, and handsome Italian men!"

Mary Jo will escort a group of 15 lucky ladies through Italy this October 15th - October 26th. You can view our Women’s Group itinerary here or download the shareable brochure. ((We only have 4 spots left! So, write today if your travelers wish to join.)).

"Something special happens when women can travel together." Mary Jo continued. "You feel cared for, connected."

Learn more below in my video interview with Mary Jo:

Women's Italy Group Trip

Our fall Women’s Trip is perfect for women who love to make friends while discovering new horizons. Highlights will include:

· Dinner at an opera singer’s home, including a private performance

· Experiential food tour of Rome’s historic center – including wine & tastings

· Exclusive, private tour of Florence’s jewelry workshops

Remember, Sunni, we have just 4 spots left! Click here to share the day-by-day itinerary with your female explorers before it sells out.

Ciao, ciao!

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