Doing the right thing is a good karma...believe me

by Sunni Chapman

Well, I’ve just had another one of those soul-searching weeks where doing the right thing created positive karma once again. I actually call it GPA…God Protection Agency!

While walking my kids to school this morning I asked my mom her opinion on how to make important decisions. We ALL know that mothers have a well of infinite wisdom. Right? The truth is that my nonna’s well is DEEP! She essentially said that if you believe that you are making a good decision, then act on your choice and…move on…

When we first moved to Italy in September we really took a leap of faith and just did it. There was nothing perfect or easy about our relocation, but leading up to our decision, my husband Michael and I kept noticing what we perceived as a bunch of open doors. We interpreted them as signs of something greater than ourselves pointing the way and urging us to live in Italy…until we actually moved to Palermo and only then did things start to move…and boy did they move oh-so-SLOWLY!

Sicilians are funny and Sicilians are wonderful people but they require a whole new level of GPA (I don’t mean Mafia protection, although it probably couldn’t hurt). You can study, you can learn, you can speak the language, you can have a coffee, aperitivo, pizza and a cannolo but that will only get you incrementally closer to an understanding of the Sicilian people. This endeavor is a Master’s course requiring daily WORK in order to progress.

At the end of the week, I need a whole bottle of wine just for myself so that I can chill and put the week behind me.

When we moved here, we saw many doors slowly opening. The problem is that they weren’t opening fast enough which made us question our decision, day after day. There were a few days that I was so discouraged that I thought about throwing the towel in. But after a little soul searching (and a little…wine) I found this passage “blessed are those who endure when they are tested. When they pass the test, they will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those that love him.” I choose to interpret this to mean that good things will come, eventually, to those people who act and trust in their good judgment.

I recite this passage every day, especially when I feel like an espresso won’t give me enough of a boost to get through the day! Take today for example, on the way to school I began thinking that things were going so well that something was bound to happen. Then I figured that I might as well continue with my GPA practice because you can never go wrong when you do the right thing.

Keep moving and more than anything keep believing in yourself and your motivations, especially if you have a husband like mine, who bugs and is my 5th child but is also solid as a rock. If you ever doubt what you are doing, consult a friend or a pet or a sister/brother who reminds you of the desire in your heart. And keep them close, as close as you can because you never know when you will need their support.

When your clients travel…who is your client protection agency of choice? Some have considered us expensive…BEFORE they’ve traveled with us, but once they have had the See Italy experience, money ceases to be an issue because all they can think of and talk about is what they’ve experienced while working with you and traveling with us.

Remember this one thing, WE ARE ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU!!!!

Until next time,

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