Pop the question...

by Sunni Chapman

No, I’m not talking about weddings, proposals or anything along those lines even if my subject line implies it. I am talking about posing a question before you “get in bed” with someone you should always ask “Do you go direct?” I know that may sound very intimate and even naughty, but don’t let your mind wander down that path. Let me explain why this question is so important to agents.

Pop the question.

What I mean is does your Tour Operator or the supplier you use for Italy book services directly or do they use a third-party supplier? If you've never popped this question before then it is a great time to make it one of your first questions when vetting your suppliers. Especially if quality and service are your top priorities.

More often than you can imagine Tour Operators have a third-party company that they book their services through and as the term “third-party” aptly defines it, this means that these Operators DON’T have a direct handle on quality of services. If this is how you do business, aren’t you worried that your clients’ travel and correspondingly your professional reputation are in the hands of people that you have no direct connection with?

We at See Italy know how important relationships are. We know how easy it is for simple travel issues to grow into vacation and reputation destroying events. Well, we may not know about that last part 1st hand, but we’ve heard plenty of stories from agents about their own devastating experiences.

That is why we have DIRECT, PERSONAL relationships with our guides, drivers, restaurants, hotels, service providers and assistants. What does this mean to you and your clients? It means we provide the Highest Level of Quality Services and prompt, appropriate resolutions if issues arise. Meaning your clients receive the best possible travel experience which in itself is invaluable and you receive return clients for life and referrals.

Asking the right questions up front allows you to make the…


So, ask and then open your ears to hear the truth, it will be good for your soul. (not to mention it will benefit your bottom line too)

We at SEE ITALY...answer directly, truthfully, and in a positive way.

YES! We book direct.


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