People Don't Really Love Italy

by Sunni Chapman

Does the subject line SHOCK you? It did for me too. At least until I realized that people don’t really love Italy. People love the way they FEEL and they love themselves when they travel through Italy.

Naturally, people desire to travel to a place they’ve heard so much about. They want to experience what others have experienced and what they’ve heard others talk about. At the end of their own trip they certainly will have FALLEN IN LOVE with Italy. And when they return home, most will experience the absence of those amazing feelings that they felt “in the moment” while in Italy, and like a lost love, the longing begins.

My Story

I’ve felt this way for the many years I’ve lived in the US. I love living in San Diego with the gorgeous weather but I also felt so out of alignment with myself because I constantly longed to be back in my beloved Italy. At times my internal struggle drained my energy so completely that I only felt whole again when I landed on Italian soil and I kid you not…I felt compelled to kiss the ground like John Paul II does on his trips to foreign lands.

The energy I feel the moment the airplane wheels touch down is amazing. I ask myself, why do I feel this way? What is so different in my native land than my adopted home of 20+ years? What is it that makes me feel so good, so aligned with myself when my feet connect with Italian soil? For sure, it’s not the 10 hour flight or the fact that my mascara is smeared and my hair has a fluffy ball in the back of my head. No, I’m pretty sure that it’s just the way I’m wired.

I believe that the Italian culture promotes the acceptance of everyone as they are, imperfections and all. Everyone is valued for the person, the individual that they are and everyone is included in the collective Italian family.

Six years ago when I decided to focus on my first love, Italy, and to use my experience as a travel agent to serve my community, I found a way to quell my longing and found fulfillment in my “lost” love. When I stopped worrying about making money and concentrated on doing what I love by sharing Italy with the world my life, body and soul snapped back into alignment! I’ve never looked back and I’ve built my company with people who are as committed and passionate about Italy as I am…although they may not actually kiss the ground as I have.

So when it comes time for you to choose who to hand your client off to, think about who will give them the space to feel, and the opportunity to concentrate on themselves and not their travel plans? Think about who will be there for them to hold their hand while they travel so that they can truly enjoy their travel experience and love themselves while they are in their own moment.

Choose the best and create partnerships with people who will never leave you behindand who will share their love for their country with your travelers. Choose people who are present in Italy and who have an investment that goes beyond a paycheck, choose people who truly love the country they live in, and like me, can become lovesick when abroad.

The point of my story is this, LOVE what you do or make a change! If you only talk, dream, hope or long for something different you will never be fulfilled. The moment you begin to follow your passion, I promise that your life will begin to change and every day will become a present that you can’t wait to open or a journey you can’t wait to begin.


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