Palermo: 2018 European Cultural Capital

by Sunni Chapman

All sorts of things are happening in Palermo this October, just like they are in many other Italian cities. October is the month of festivals and parties and the unofficial ‘Welcome back from your long summer vacations” throughout the country. Italians, true to our basic nature, are social and we love to get together and just be ourselves while enjoying each other’s company.

Palermo is opening the door to the “Vie dei Tesori Festival” that lasts from the end of September to the end of October. During this annual festival several palaces and private residences open their doors to the public providing access to the rich cultural history captured in their significant art collections. This amazing access costs a mere 2 Euro per person. What a bargain!! This year the event is gaining increased exposure and significance because it emphasizes Palermo as the 2018 European Cultural Capital. Information about what this means can be found here.

What does this mean for us? It means that Palermo is going to be the epicenter of an influx of tourists from around the world seeking to experience the charm and beauty of this amazing city as well as the rest of Sicily too. Palermo tends to engender emotional extremes for those fortunate enough to visit. Although I’ve been told that people either love it or hate it, all I can tell you is that after a month of residing here, I have only had positive experiences. So you can put me solidly in the I Love Palermo column!

Having palaces and churches, all with rich architectural history the city is, simply put, beautiful! This beauty is matched only by the warmth of the people who call Palermo home. The locals are so nice here you probably will feel like squeezing them all in a giant group hug!

Because there so much turmoil around the world, Sicily SHOULD be on everyone’s short list as A GO TO destination to get away from the theological or political conflicts that are so prevalent today.

Come and see what I am talking about and whether you are interested in driving yourself or want to go all-in with chauffeurs and helicopter tours we can make it all happen. Maybe you would like to dine with some of the noble inhabitants of Palermo? We can make that happen too.

If you are not quite sure exactly what choices are available to you or you just don’t know what you want then please consider accompanying us on our March 2018 Educational and you will come away with more practical knowledge than you can imagine.


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