by Sunni Chapman

I cannot wait for THIS period of time to end. I am tired, I look old and my muscles are sore. My Fit-Bit claims it cannot keep up anymore with my average of 12,000 steps per day, and those steps are just the ones inside my home/office…ooofff, I am so tired!

The good thing is that there is only one week to go, a week until the start of our new life in a land that is somewhat familiar. It’s true that the south of Italy is Italy, but according to the Southerners themselves, it really ISN'T. Many years ago they called themselves the Sicilians, not Italians. Many people still get confused by this, but all I know is that I am going back home, to Italy, just not to the land of my birth.

My land is in the north and the north is what I know best but my heart always loved the people of the South. Visiting there last year and feeling that love is what helped my husband, Michael, and I catch a breath of freshness in our lives. We fell in love again!!!

I said yes to Sicily when my Michael said, “Let’s go back to Sicily with the kids and see how they feel about moving there.” Everybody loved it. Doors and possibilities started opening and the fact that I would only be an hour flight from my hometown of Turin made the decision to leave our comfortable lives in San Diego easy for us to make. Even better, the weather is similar to San Diego, meaning it doesn’t get cold. WINTER is definitely NOT coming to Sicily, that is for sure!

This move is going to allow us to become even greater experts on Southern Italy than we currently are. I KNOW that we will rock it there both professionally and personally. We can expect some ups and downs over the next year as we all adapt to the different surroundings and culture, but hopefully, this will become our permanent home and not just a one year adventure.


There is excitement all around, excitement because we keep seeing boxes, boxes, and more boxes! It feels like the boxes are multiplying like the two fish that fed five thousand people in the biblical parable.

We do know that on September 1st, we will be on a plane no matter what and no matter how many boxes we packed. We have good support, we have good friends and we know that See Italy will be doing well here and in Italy because we built our company on a foundation of rock. What gives me, even more, confidence is that the people we have in place are outstanding and will continue to provide award winning service to our customers both here and in Italy.

I do hope to see you in Sicily…soon, very soon! Come and visit us, our doors are always open…or take the FAM trip we are doing next March. Click HERE if you're interested in learning more.

Please know I will be there with a smile from ear to ear and a heart bursting with love for all of Italy. 263a

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