New Year, Old You

by Sunni Chapman

Many people believe that when the calendar flips from December to January and the digits transform to the NEW year that something magical happens which transforms US into something NEW too. Maybe believe is too strong of a word, maybe HOPE is more appropriate to describe the intentions many people have at this time of year. While this may be true for many, let me explain why hope alone won’t make anyone’s dreams come true.

During a normal week, I divide my time between meetings, educating myself, attending to client bookings and participating in my children’s activities. I know that I am not alone when I say that sometimes all of these responsibilities become overwhelming and I am so busy in each moment that I end up reacting to life rather than guiding mine the way I want to.

Being busy is not a reflection of achieving growth. Not at all. In order to advance and build, we have to make room in our lives for it. Unless and until we clear the decks, there simply isn’t any space to build and grow, personally or professionally. There is only room for fixing what becomes broken.

The first few days of last week I felt completely overwhelmed! My husband was out of town, my oldest daughter had returned to college while my second oldest daughter prepared for her trip to Jamaica where she will join my husband building houses for the poor. My son had a week full of soccer tryouts and my littlest one was out an about and underfoot all at the same time. All this AND my normal duties running our growing business without the help of two adults I count on.

All I can say is AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I needed extra time each morning to don my “armor” so that when the “stuff” of life and business happened throughout the day I wouldn’t simply collapse from the sheer weight of the responsibilities I carried.

It was a tough week, I can tell you that and although I felt like collapsing a couple of times, I didn’t. No, I didn’t collapse but I also didn’t clear the decks to make room for growth nor did I make time to take the actions I needed to in order to affect the changes in my life that I want to make.

There is a lot to digest in that last paragraph. Don’t you think? I knew what I wanted to do and I knew what I needed to do, but sometimes no matter how much we plan, the reality of life gets in the way and we end up being reactive instead of proactive.

Normally I have two family member adults that I can rely on to take the load off when I need time and space to reflect, build and grow. Last week I didn’t have that luxury and the best I could do was hold the line to keep everything running smoothly.

Please know that the See Italy family is here when you need someone to help you build your business on a foundation of granite ready to withstand anything life throws at you.

Stay strong, push on and remember to eliminate clutter to make room for growth AND be sure to surround yourself with people and partners who will share the load when the burden gets too heavy.


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