Navigating The Seas of Travel

by Sunni Chapman

Agents often think that they need to compete with Google. They worry that a sale might slip away. When we fixate just on cost, we forget to ask: how do I want travelers to describe one of my trips? I bet the first thing you thought of was not "cheap."

You want vacationers to feel awed.

You want clients to savor the sights. 

You want travelers to abandon stress. 

What will leave your travelers wowed? Why should travelers book with you and not online? 

Travelers turn to you because you're the expert. You know what is worth their while. You understand what's a waste of valuable vacation time. Travelers are hungry for what you know.

Nowadays, there is so much travel advice online. As a result, vacationers get lost on waves of conflicting content. Travelers come to you to navigate the confusing seas of travel - and not, I should add, for the cheapest dingy out there.

Like any expert, you also know where to turn when you need help. You've built relationships with trusted partners around the world. We'd be honored to co-captain your travelers' journey -- steering them toward wow-worthy experiences like:

· Crowd-free tours of the Colosseum at night

· Viewing Palio of Siena from a palace (click here for more info.)

· Aperitivo tour of Venice's secret wine bars

· Skip-the-line, private visit to the Vatican

· Boat rides to Capri's secret grottoes and coves

· Seeing the studios where gondolas are hand built 

· Behind-the-scenes mozzarella making demo & lunch

Specializing exclusively in Italy, we give travelers access to the Italian way of life. Why? Because the only word that should describe your trips is "wow!"

Ciao, ciao!

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