Marketing mon amour

by Sunni Chapman

A Personal Note from Laura

Do you feel special? Well, even if a Friday edition of our newsletter is a rarity, you SHOULD feel special because you are a loyal See Italy Travel Newsletter reader and you ARE special to us. You are a part of our extended family. 

Since “family” shouldn’t keep secrets from each other we want you to know that we’ve done some introspection and realized that although our message has been consistent and consistently valuable, we think that we should adjust it slightly and focus on ways to help you maximize your value and ultimately increase your bottom line. So here goes...  
“Even if you are a faithful person, you should consider having a threesome…  
…with marketing.” I heard this statement earlier this week and I can assure you that  I will never forget it.  
I am willing to have an affair with marketing, and as long as it’s fun and fulfilling then I’m willing to continue it for the rest of my life. Everyone should be eager to commit to this kind of affair. Right?  
Let’s be honest, everyone I know, including myself   thinks that marketing is something that we HAVE to do,  it’s just a requirement of being in business. It’s like regular visits to your dentist, no one really likes those semi-annual appointments, but don't we all notice and appreciate a beautiful smile!  
What if we changed our perspective and we treat marketing like a desired love interest? Why not think of marketing as someone we want to spend the rest of our lives with, someone who is the oxygen of our daily lives, and someone who we thank because without them we wouldn’t have the resources to buy food, drive a car or earn a living?  
Marketing is as necessary to my business as my computer and phone are.  Without it in my life, I would still be a housewife with an awful “hobby” and living in constant conflict between trying to provide for my family and trying to have enough free time to be with them.
My decision to fully commit to marketing when starting my business has made my life easier and my business more profitable,  in a shorter period of time than if I would waited. It hasn’t always been easy and it hasn’t always been a love affair…  
More than anything don’t give up if she plays hard-to-get  or if she says NO the first time or from time to time. Always profess your love to her, talk about how much you need her and how wonderful it is to have her in your life! Remind her what it is that you will do for her and especially how much you understand her and most importantly, never give up on her.  
Only after being fully committed and after months of courting are you allowed to take it a step further, increase your frequency. Instead of monthly, do it weekly and then maybe even several times a week.   Keep up the hard work and pace and you will quickly realize that what you are doing works!  
Slowly take the intimacy further and diversify the way you approach her. Surprise her with special gifts and be yourself, go on more dates, and eventually, with consistency she will trust you completely and then you will know it’s time to profess your love.  
Marketing will know that you will never give up on her and she will say YES over and over again…  
… and she will do everything for you… INCLUDING providing you with the time and resources to spend on the other loves in your life.  
You should treat marketing as the girl YOU would do anything for.  So why then would you give up on her after your first few newsletters, Facebook posts or presentations? Or worse what if you never even tried marketing at all?  
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