There are a lot of fish in the sea

by Sunni Chapman

Amazing…life is just amazing and some people surprise me, sometimes beyond belief.

It is hard enough to stay with your head above water in business these days and even harder when you have set your standard level of service as high as we have. Not only do our clients expect the finest service from US but WE expect the same from our providers. Any time the level of service provided doesn’t measure up to expectations the result is usually disappointment, anger or both.

Sadly, I’ve had some experiences lately that didn’t meet my expectations so I am learning to limit them in order to avoid being disappointed too often. Luckily my enthusiasm and excitement for everything that is Italy, Italian travel, food, people and even Italian trees keep me rocking! Ask me about the Tree Of Life below.

Tree of Life

This past week we had our very first international company meeting. Staff from our offices in Italy and the United States met over video for the better part of a day to discuss our goals for 2018. It was inspiring, fun and uplifting. I’ve wanted this for over 5 years so for me it was a dream come true. And it lived up to my own high expectations! The truly gifted people that comprise See Italy Travel NEVER cease to amaze me and this was no exception.

The focus was…our CORE VALUES.

We’ve been searching for words to describe the values that guide our daily actions and our motivations. We broke out into groups with the challenge to create a list of words that DESCRIBE US. We specifically avoided listing who we WANT to be and limited the discussion to WHO we ARE.

It was really gratifying and uplifting when we got back together to share the words that we separately came up with to describe our core values. It was positive and enlightening because each group came up with nearly identical themes and words to describe our core beliefs:

  • DOCG

I’m not giving away the recipe to our secret company sauce when I tell you that these three bullet points perfectly encapsulate why we have been successful and why we will continue to be your go-to source for Italian travel for decades to come.

These are ideas and words to live by and we have been. Now that we are all in agreement that these do accurately describe our core beliefs, it will help us as we grow because it will be easier to make personnel decisions. Because if someone comes our way who wants to work for us but doesn’t exhibit these traits we know they can’t be the RIGHT FIT for us and we will act accordingly.

We have always set the highest goals for ourselves, and because mediocrity is NOT an option, 7 out of 10 is not a good enough match for potential employees or our providers and guess what…if the page needs to be turned as the Italian saying goes: “Morto un papa, se ne fa un altro” or bottom line…One goes, another comes. There are a lot of fish in the sea, another person who is a better fit will come our way.



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