Let's work together this season.

by Sunni Chapman

You may have been wondering what it really means to do business with Italians or since I have recently moved here, what it means to do business with Sicilians. Let me tell you, in general, it is a work in progress for the 1st group and for the second group we need to do a quick vocabulary lesson before I can go on.

Although the word mafia roughly means bravado, here in Sicily almost everything, including that moniker revolves around family. Sicily is FAMILY and as such it operates as an organized group of people that work together toward a common goal with respect and honor at the core of their interactions. With this in mind realize that one needs to earn trust before being able to do business in Sicily. So, to do business in this part of Italy it takes a long time because building trust to become part of the Sicilian FAMILY, just like building ROME, it's not done in a day!

The meetings I’ve had to deepen our business relationships have been long and paired with lots of sweets and coffee from the region. It has definitely been a lot of work and, with the coupled food, an increase in my body FAT to be sure. Overall it has been a pleasurable experience, but I am going to have to put in more hours at the gym to work off the added calories! (The things I do for you.)


Today when we met with another potential partner, I had to be straight forward and upfront while explaining the "big picture" of what my business vision is. And then I had to emotionally detach from the process when I subtly conveyed the following. “If you want to be part of this, great. If you don’t, then that is great too because someone else will fulfill this role. NO sweat will be poured and no tears shed if you aren’t the right fit for See Italy. This position isn’t because I don’t care but rather because my vision is clear and I know that you WILL want to be in a relationship with me and with See Italy. If you want it then we are here for you, if not then, unfortunately, you will be missing out on an opportunity to build something special.”

So, when I say let’s work together this season what I really mean is all THAT. Let’s be in a relationship together because you know that you WILL have success in the business of selling long-lasting memories that are created through great itineraries AND we are the ones for you. IF you don’t care about having repeat business than it’s ok to just make a single sale but if you want somebody to back you up and make you part of the FAMILY then we are the only ones for you.

Take a look at this amazing itinerary we've crafted for 2018. Now, I realize that this itinerary is NOT necessarily about Sicily but it is something special that we have put together for your clients. It’s an itinerary that is a JOIN IN trip for people who don’t want to travel alone and who do want a food/wine experience visiting two of the most impressive wine areas in Italy: TUSCANY and PIEMONTE but with a twist. And the twist is the Authentic Italian PEOPLE met along the way.

We won’t just take your clients on A SIMPLE FOOD AND WINE ITINERARY, we will take them on a trip of a lifetime where the stories they will hear and the people they will meet create experiences that will stay with them forever.

Are you ready to become part of the family and have your clients join this special journey?


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