by Sunni Chapman

Of course, we love the usual Italian tourist destinations.  They are among the most popular destinations in the world for a reason.   BUT we add a twist  because it’s the best way to ensure that we deliver amazing travel memories for your clients who then become repeat customers for you, our travel agency partners. We love making our vacations unique so that the focus is always on the experience.
When the San Diego Italian Film Festival approached us about   putting together a trip  for them based on a Jewish story filmed in Puglia we jumped at the opportunity and enthusiastically said YES! Then we dove right in,   and just like we do with every client, we started by getting to know them.  In this case, we began by watching the movie looking for inspiration.
The story is of Jewish refugee families housed in Puglia after WWII and before embarking on their journey to resettlement in Israel, and it touched us deeply.   Shores of Light is the inspiration for this wonderful itinerary that we are proud to call a journey in the making. The movie and the cities visited combine to become an amazing journey and   when you learn about the stories behind the movie it becomes an emotional and powerful experience.
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We were honored to be chosen for this special project.  It wasn’t easy but thanks to our truly amazing guides, our research and our extensive experience with everything Italian, we were able to craft a truly unique itinerary that we are very proud of. Since we would like this trip to be the first of many, we are asking you to see if your local JCC or Synagogue might be interested in taking advantage of this trip by joining us or even build one for themselves.
What better way to travel through Jewish History while learning about their heritage than through the families living in Puglia right after World War II. Their stories about the friendships and bonds that grew between two cultures has touched many lives. Puglia was the land of comfort during the time after World War II because it was host to many refugee families.
My stepfather’s ancestry is equal parts Greek and Italian and coincidentally he was also sent to Puglia for a time before relocating to Northern Italy  with his whole family. He was only 5 at the time but he still has vivid memories and more than anything he remembers what he left behind and their struggles to adjust in a new land, to a new culture. His memories are strong and his life was shaped forever by the welcoming people of Puglia.
Are you ready to build some memories? Let’s do it together!!
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