IT is finished…

by Sunni Chapman

The tour is finished…my first FAM trip as a Sicilian resident and local tour operator has just concluded.

Am I tired? NO

Am I pumped? YES

In a one word description, it was... fantastic!

Of course, I enjoyed escorting the group, but more than anything I LOVED sharing the SEE SICILY vision and passion with this great group. Everybody who traveled with us loved the learning experiences and authentic encounters they had in the villages where we stopped. The villages, people, and the experiences were all unique and captivated our travel partners’ attention for different reasons.

Speaking of unique, our FAM participants were a wonderful and diverse group themselves. We had the passionate historian, the long-lost Italian-American friend with his lovely and kind wife. We also enjoyed having two agents who are just starting their travel careers, along with a lovely Midwest woman, a wonderful New Jersey native, an experienced meeting coordinator and a successful couple who are well into their second careers as agents.


We had them all. They came from different backgrounds, but each came with a love for travel, a hunger for knowledge and a desire to find experiences that they could WOW Their clients with. I believe that our mission was achieved as our passion shined in each of them.

In other words, WE SCORED!!! We all did, individually and together we achieved our goals and created “familial” bonds that will probably last longer than the daily encounters we enjoyed. We will remember each other and we will certainly cherish the moments together because what we built was an exchange of emotions, which is our hallmark here at See Italy. In this case we did it with fellow travel consultants, who now know first-hand why we work so hard to provide these same emotions to their traveling clients.

When this happens, one word describes it best…MAGIC! Then three more words which are music to our ears…WORD OF MOUTH. Your clients will rave about you for choosing us and will become your lifetime clients who are not only going to return to Italy with you again but will refer many more people to you over the years.

Easy-peasy if done well, a bit harder otherwise.

What did we do on this trip? Instead of draining our energies in these 10 days, we came out tired, it is true, but more fulfilled because we had the right speed of emotions and energy all around us.

We hope that you will be able to explore a trip like this one with us sometime soon. Because once you've had the See Italy experience yourself you just won't be able to allow your valued clients to see Italy any other way. Win! Win! Win! Everyone wins but your rewards continue indefinitely as your clients sing your praises again and again.

SALOM…my friends! I cannot wait to see you soon and again.


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