by Sunni Chapman

My stay in Sicily and to be more precise, in the busy town of Palermo, has reminded me once again that relationships are everything! As you know, we recently moved from San Diego to Sicily and while starting our new life in Palermo we’ve had to find resources for everyday things that we need in order to settle into our personal lives. Just knowing who provides the goods and services we need is difficult enough, but then to know who we can trust could have been really difficult… 

Luckily everything that we’ve done over the years while building See Italy Travel has focused on creating and nurturing relationships with people that we 've met and liked and then building a level of trust that enabled us to do business with them and entrust our clients, and yours, to their care. Because of this we’ve become experts in the practice of discerning how trustworthy people and business are.

Just like many travel agents, when we promote our services, people get to know usthrough MARKETING, and after a time we hope people will like us and begin building personal RELATIONSHIPS with us and eventually we know that they will learn that they can trust us through OUR FOLLOW THRU and FEEDBACK they receive from their own clients.

Palermo Cathedral

This is what the main focus of See Italy has been over the years; to have a clear mission, to introduce ourselves and spread the word about who we are through marketing, and toensure that we have the right people in place to consistently deliver the level of service, care, professionalism and creativity that we are proud to be known for and strive to improve on every day.

…this is why over these first few weeks in Sicily we 've been meeting more and more people, and if we like them, determining if we trust them by learning all that they do as they deliver their products to us. In essence we are building a relationship together.

Nothing and no one has disappointed us yet. Quite the opposite in fact! We have loved every moment of this crazy Sicilian adventure that we now call…our LIFE.

Until next week. Live, Laugh and Love!

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