How Do You Define Value?

by Sunni Chapman

"I value your opinion"

"This family heirloom is priceless."

"You're a prized member of the team." 

How do you define value? What makes a trip worthwhile? How do your travelers think about value? Agents call us each day with the "deals" their travelers have found online. We all know thatmany travelers are distracted by the promise of a lower price.

In English, "value" is a funny word. It means something we cherish. It means a good deal. It means something that's priceless. Travel is, similarly, funny. On the one hand, we know that not all expensive hotels offer the same level service - that high price and high value aren't the same thing. At the same time, we want travelers to see that fixating on $100 here and there won't guarantee a trip they'll treasure.

"My clients are raving about their time in Italy. Your valuable Italy insights and impeccable planning made it all possible. Many thanks! With See Italy, I know I have a trusted Italy partner. Next to the birth of their children, this was the best experience of their life! Overjoyed clients make me so glad I found See Italy."A Happy Agent 

The difference between cost and value is a bit like presents. We don't always value the most expensive gifts. If you receive a pricey e-reader but you like hardcover books, you won't value the gift. Similarly, if you receive a shoddily-made knock-off, you might wonder if the gift-giver worried only about cost.

Just because it's famous doesn't make it worth a travelers' time (i.e., touring an impersonal, big name winery). Just because you can save $75 by booking a pre-packaged tour does not mean it will be treasured by your travelers.

Fixating on cost in the present often means we neglect what will be valued during a trip. 

Travelers complain about cost if they're scared they won't get their money's worth. It's our responsibility as the travel experts to explain to them the difference between memories they'll value and ones they'd prefer to forget! It means we should steer travelers clear of items not worth their precious time.

When we send travelers to Italy, we fill their trip with worthwhile moments. We don't want them to dine in overpriced tourist traps, so we reserve dinner for them at a hidden neighborhoodtrattoria. We know they'll value the family stories behind each delizioso bite.

At See Italy, our top priority is to give your travelers a trip they'll treasure for years to come. Not all treasured memories cost a fortune. And, not all precious gifts are in the bargain bin.

Ciao, ciao!

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