How can you recognize a tourist trap?

by Daniel Collinsworth

7 Ways to Skip the Tourist Traps

You’re in a foreign country and don't know where to eat. You spot a sign advertising a  Tourist Menu! So, you think to yourself: ‘Why the heck not?'  Flash forward an hour and your belly is not smiling.

Your service was sloppy.

You drank watered down wine.

Your pizza tasted like burnt cardboard.

All you wanted was a marvelous meal. But, lunch left you feeling duped. We've all been there.  Check out our recent blog -- 7 Ways to Skip the Tourist Traps in Italy -- and never settle for sup-bar supper again.

Tourist Trap Rome

Whenever your travelers discover Italy with us, we book meals only in 100% Italian-approved eateries -- the neighborhood trattoria in Tuscany or the rooftop ristorante in Rome.

No one goes to Italy to complain about the food, right?! Our on-site connections help you access the Italy beyond the tacky crowds.

Click the orange button below for your own custom Italy itinerary.

Ciao, ciao!

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