Horses and Palio and Siena…OH MY!

by Sunni Chapman

Where do we shine?  We shine in the middle of an Italian fair, in the middle of a crowd,   we shine anywhere the word Italy is spoken.   We shine because we LOVE what we do and it shows in everything we do…people know authenticity when they are fortunate enough to experience it.  We shine because when building customized itineraries to Italy we start by listening to you and then focus on what you’ve said, on what your clients want and on the overall picture.
We don’t ask what your budget is and what you want to spend, we focus on YOU and THEM.   We visualize the Italian dream that THEY have described and then focus our creative talents crafting an itinerary that will bring their travel dreams to life  and then together we move forward from there.
Certainly, we tweak the itinerary to fit your idea of an ideal vacation but we   purposely avoid talking about MONEY.  “Why?” You might ask. Because every time the words budget or money are uttered, the positive energy surrounding the ideal itinerary sadly dissipates as our attention is forced to focus on price AND all of the things that can’t be included in your client’s dream Italian vacation.
I truly believe that anything and everything CAN be accomplished when passionate, dedicated people act in alignment.  So let’s work on making it happen together.   Don’t worry about what is non-existent, what the client hasn’t said.  Until your client discusses money or a limited budget, or makes price their primary concern, my advice is to focus on the amazing experiences they are preparing for.
I’ve found that when we embrace the role of facilitator of our clients’ vacation dreams instead of acting as their accountant EVERYONE is better served.  So, mentally take off, and throw away forever, your green eyeshade accountant-visor and don an artist’s beret.   Be an artisan who creates masterpieces which become your clients’ “priceless” experiences and memories.  I can assure you that in the end, the last thing they will be thinking of is money.
With this said, one of my newest loves is to show Italy with class AND from a local’s perspective and   believe it or not even the Disneyland of Italy, TUSCANY, has many authentic places to experience  beyond the touristy spots most often visited by the masses. When our friend,   the Count in Siena, asked us to share his private apartment with our travelers,  we immediately jumped at this unique opportunity and with joy we contacted a group of our most trusted associates in the region and   together we built a spectacular itinerary around it.
So from June 25th to July 3, 2017 we have the opportunity to host 12 travelers in the region of Tuscany for a summer solstice during the feast of San Giovanni, where the cities of Radicondoli and Siena open up their doors during the horse event that happens only twice a year.
During this week, we will be hosting a   wine tasting at Andrea Bocelli’s farm,  a lunch with a shepherd, a pizza class in the village place, an evening with Sting’s winemaker, a sunset picnic, a market day in Colle Val D’Elsa, a gelato lesson at the Academia of Gelato in San Gimignano a nd ALL of the events of Siena’s PALIO including dinners in the count’s neighborhood before the horse events.
Isn’t this wonderfully exciting?  Let me say this... This IS an amazing opportunity!!  I know I will be there and if you are a travel agent who wants to participate, let us know, we will be happy to give you a reduced rate for you and a companion so that you can experience our UNIQUELY AUTHENTIC TREATMENT for yourself.   Click here  to view the itinerary and see if you don't become as excited as I am.   Click here  to see the accommodations.
My wish for you is that this newsletter kicks off an incredible week of great opportunities for you and those you love.
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