Have you ever imagined?

by Sunni Chapman

Have you ever imagined having people calling you from all kinds of places and have you ever imagined having people calling you because your name was passed around like gossip between friends? Have you ever had people know, without a doubt, that you can provide the most authentic and unique trip to Italy that will make memories for them and their family for the rest of their lives?

I have…imagined, dreamed and experienced all this and more. In fact, I live the reality of changing people’s lives almost every day. Let me say that even when taking into account the long hours and often hard work, I LOVE what I do and I truly couldn’t imagine doing anything more rewarding in life. I honestly live in a near state of bliss and can’t believe how happy my life became when I decided to sell only Italy after realizing that Italy is where my heart is and where my passion shines. I almost can’t believe that I earn a living while doing what I love every moment of my life.

I LOVE the discoveries I “find” when hearing from our content suppliers that they have “one more person” or “one more guide” and “one more experience” that would fit our model and our vision. They say, “You REALLY need to meet so-and-so because they will add so much to the See Italy experience for your travelers.” This is simply music to my ears because it re-affirms to me that our family of content suppliers truly believe in our vision and are also passionate about sharing the authentic Italy that we love!

See, we ALWAYS have ONLY one thing in mind, we have one thing that we WORK for every day, our CLIENTS. It might sound surreal to some, but our main motivation is not the accolades we get from the magazines. Our reward comes from those people who at the end of the tour go back home and tell everybody about their experience with us. That form of appreciation is what we live for and it energizes us every day! We LOVE our customers and WE love to see them with smiles on their faces because we know those smiles are simply the external manifestations of the joy they feel within their hearts.

Tomorrow I’m traveling to the mountains of Sicily to find more authenticity for us to share with you and your clients. The authenticity we are looking for is the inspiration that we know, will make each one of you happy because we understand that the true value of See Italy is derived from the genuineness of our Italian guides, their stories, and our services.

Finding these guides and experiences are such important tasks that I am enlisting two extremely discerning and important people to accompany me to make sure I don’t miss a thing. I’m bringing two of my kids with me because they are excellent judges of authenticity!

Can you imagine if we had a booking engine? Who could tell you the stories of the people we are choosing for you if we didn’t know them personally and how wonderful they are? Maybe google can help find some places to visit and facts about those places, but when it comes to listening to you and knowing how to match your human dreams to real people and experiences, I would take See Italy 1000 times out of 1000.

Take a moment or two during the coming week to let yourself…imagine.


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