Grief or Gift?

by Sunni Chapman

Imagine it’s Christmas morning. You’ve eagerly waited for months, barely able to hold back your anticipation. You run downstairs and find a big pile of gifts with your name on them. Santa’s been very kind to you this year, it seems.

So, you dig in – unwrapping gift after brightly-colored gift. You’re so excited, hoping you got exactly what you asked for. That new cookbook by your favorite chef… A framed photo from your 25th anniversary trip….

But, to your unhappy surprise, you get the same gift as everyone else around you. The e-x-a-c-t same gift. Over and over and over again.


Nothing that's personal…

Nothing that fits just you…

Nothing reflecting who you are...

Nothing that makes you feel special. You can’t help but wonder, why was I so excited for…this?

Travel is a bit like Christmas morning. You wait and wait for your big trip. You count down the days, picturing all the sights you’ll see and tastes you’ll savor. Then, at long last, your trip arrives. You’re finally here……........and…


You feel special – ecstatic you’re experiencing something you personally love.


You feel disillusioned – sad you’ve gotten a carbon copy of everyone else’s trip.


When you partner with See Italy, we guarantee your clients will never feel like everyone else. We share exclusive experiences that leave travelers breathless – Italian experiences, like:

· a romantic dinner in a chef’s private home

· access to vineyards that are closed to the public

· exploring the Colosseum or Vatican after hours

· a tasting tour of Venice's secret wine bars 

· truffle-hunting with a local in Umbria's forests

· tours designed exclusively for your clients

Seeing the world can be the gift of a lifetime. Or, it's one disappointment after another. See Italy are your behind-the-scenes worker elves – helping you become the bearer of joyful gifts. We even hand-sign a card in your name with your clients’ welcome gift.

Contact us at or (858) 201-6424 for a personalized itinerary for your own travelers!

Ciao, ciao!

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