From Standard to Stand-Out

by Sunni Chapman

Rome. Florence. Venice.

When Americans think of Italy, the big three cities tend to be on their must-see list. They have to go to the Vatican. They need to see Ponte Vecchio. They must ride in a gondola. And, they’re not alone.

Rome welcomes nearly 15 million tourists a year. Venice attracts 50,000 guests a day in the high season. And Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, is Italy’s most-toured city.

When everyone wants to see the same place, how can you wow travelers? With so much information (and misinformation) just one click away, how can you make a standard trip to Italy stand-out?

One way is by relying on the locals. It’s true that Rome, Florence and Venice each welcome millions of visitors per year. But, their popularity is – when you think about it – an opportunity to stand out among the masses. Most agents will arrange a visit to Michelangelo’s David or tickets for the Colosseum. But, how many can give their clients exceptional experiences like . . .

· Biking the hills of Chianti, including wine tastings at a vineyard

· Touring Rome’s authentic food markets, followed by lunch in a local’s home

· Kayaking the canals of Venice, as the sun sets over the sea

· Viewing the Palio of Siena from a Renaissance palazzo (we have the spot for you)

· Making a Carnival mask, by hand, with a skilled local craftsman

· Marbling handmade paper in one of Florence’s artisan workshops

· Walking medieval paths in Tuscany, passing olive farms and vineyards

On their own, tourists can sight-see. With our help, they’ll discover the Italy millions of tourists never see. Really, there’s no comparison.


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