by Sunni Chapman

That’s right, this is it! Sicily elicits a love and hate relationship, one that makes you dream day in and day out of how wonderful it WILL be WHEN it all works out! One of those relationships that you hang on to because you see the POTENTIAL and you just KNOW that there is a big, beautiful rainbow just past the clouds and beyond the horizon.

Sicily is a place that everybody loves. Travelers and residents alike simply love it, but for some reason people can’t wait to leave too…only to return time after time, loving it all the more! It’s quite the paradox.

This island is BIG! It requires seven nights to see most of it but to truly experience this amazing place you need 10 nights. But being on an island, you subconsciously feel that it gets cramped at times and you know that if you want to get to Florence you can’t just hop on a train and go. Needing a plane to get anywhere else in Italy simply “drives” the point home.

But when you leave, traveling for work or pleasure, you almost instantly feel the urge to come back to the security that Sicily exudes. In my short time here, it’s the feeling of being protected and the unique combination of style, food, history and hotels that continue to fuel my love affair with Sicily.

Sicily is HOT this year, and it’s not only the temperature that comes with the summer HEAT, but this is THE place to be if you’re looking for a little of the Middle East mixed with a little of Italy! This combination you will love forever.

So while I wait for my group of travel agents to arrive, I’m writing this and imagining what wonderful words I can say that will adequately prepare them for the amazing journey of discovery they’re about to begin. I’m sure something will come to me because…after all, I know that this place is magic.

Have a wonderful week and I hope you will be able to join us someday soon.


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