by Sunni Chapman

Have you ever stayed in a hotel where the pillowcases have been monogrammed with YOUR initials?
Have you ever been greeted by your first and last name, by a staff member that you’ve never seen before only to wonder, how did they know my name? Have you ever been escorted to the front of a line at an event or onto your plane, train or ship before everyone else, and wondered “why am I receiving this level of attention?”
These ultra-premium experiences can only happen when you allow yourself be touched. In a world where personal space is fiercely defended by invisible walls as strong as any physical barrier, allowing others into that space can be a difficult obstacle to overcome. While most people cherish the amenities afforded bespoke clientele, some find the individual attention almost intrusive. Yet a vast majority of people want their hearts to be touched when they travel.   They long for experiences that move them and allow them to feel alive and connected with the spirit and history of the land they are visiting and people who inhabit it.
Pillows with personalized monograms may be a bit over the top, but how much fun would it be to tell friends and family that you were treated so well that you drooled all over yourself? Or that when you answered the phone the person calling you addressed you by your name and you weren’t greeted by a machine’s voice that prompted you to press 1 for this and press 2 for that. Or when you sat in first class they took of your coat and bags and cheerfully provided the beverage of your choice.
Compare that to the cattle call experience of coach where   you are herded into the plane, prodded along the way by a surly flight attendant who admonishes you to get your booty out of the aisle  so others can complete their own mad scramble to find a seat. Isn’t coach wonderful?
When asked to compare our services with others, we start the long list by explaining that our guides will know and address your clients by their first and last names.   Our guides also know what their interests are and genuinely and warmly welcome questions during the tours they lead.  This creates an environment where your clients will spend their time truly loving their experiences.
This is in stark contrast to the vast majority who use other services, who spend their time worrying if they will be able to navigate the mass of people that are between them and the guide who is holding a flag that they are supposed to follow. As the distance between them increases so too does the dread they feel as they fear becoming completely lost in the growing crowd!   If they only knew  that especially in crowded place s our guides are happy to hang out by their side as friends and family would do.
This is one of the main differences between a large coach tour which has an impersonal billboard containing a list of names and our tour which has an authentic, personable human being warmly greeting you with a smile and your name.   People go on vacation wanting to feel special and if your clients recognize the difference I’ve just described then they will REALLY appreciate the special service we provide when we call them, on your behalf, during their travels to check if they are OK  and if there is anything they need.
This personalized attention will be cherished by them and attributed only to you because everything we do for your clients is on behalf of our travel agent partners.We never take credit because as our partner,   YOU are the real star.  You are the one that arranged this for them because you heard them saying to you, “I know I have done trips in the past myself but for this, I want your help.   I want the help of an expert who provides premium, upper-shelf services, and experiences from beginning to end.”
When you do it, you will not only feel wonderful knowing that their special treatment started with you, but now you will have a client for life who will return to you for the rest of the world.


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