Fall in Love with Italy...

by Sunni Chapman

Fall in Italy is a glorious time to travel --

Forests molt into thickets of red and orange leaves. After ripening all summer, olives are ready to be picked. Vines, heavy with fruit, await the annual vendemmia -- the grape harvest. And, slowly, crisp afternoons replace the August heat.

If your clients want to go to Italy during the fall, it’s essential to steer travelers toward the right spots. Popular seaside areas -- like the Cinque Terre or the Amalfi Coast -- close for the season by the end of October. Autumnal travelers can, instead, walk the hilltop towns of Tuscany or wander Piedmont’s picturesque valleys. They can bike the walls of Lucca or hunt for black truffles in Umbria's thick woods.

Below, you’ll find our 4 failsafe fall destinations in Italy:


Tuscany brims with charming towns and rolling vineyards, especially in the quiet Val d’Orcia region. Located just 2-hours south of Florence, Val d’Orcia is easily reached while still feeling removed from the crowds. September through October is harvest time at the vineyards, so travelers can watch workers pluck grapes from their golden vines. Wine lovers might sip here the famed Brunello wine, while foodies will enjoy tasting local pecorino cheese or salami. To read more about what you can do in Val d'Orcia, check out this Tuscan itinerary we recently created.


Travel experts agree - Piedmont is the “next Tuscany.” Tucked in Italy’s northwest, Piedmont offers visitors a rustic charm all its own. During October, the hills of Le Langhe wine region burn yellow as the vines change color. Fall is prime white truffle season here as well. The town of Alba hosts an annual white truffle fair from October through November —spotlighting this prized culinary treat. Visitors to Piedmont can also revel on the shores of Lago d’Orta, a quiet lake bordered by foliage-draped mountains. For a better taste of Piedmont, you can download our sample food-and-wine itinerary .


In under two hours from Rome, travelers will find themselves in the countryside of Umbria. Home to postcard-perfect towns like Orvieto and Assisi, Umbria abounds with golden hillsides and delicious sights. Travelers with a sweet tooth can head to Perugia in October for its annual Eurochocolate festival. Or, visitors might enjoy staying at an agriturismo – a luxe accommodation on an active family farm. Here, they can hunt for black truffles in the woods or learn to make pasta from local cooks. For more on Umbria, you can peruse thisfood-and-fashion itinerary we custom-designed.


Tuscany is much much more than Florence and Siena. The walled city of Lucca lies in the region’s north. Surrounded by vineyards and rugged mountains, Lucca is an ideal setting for fall in Italy. Sporty travelers might enjoy a bike tour through the countryside around Lucca, stopping at a family-run vineyard for a wine tasting and lunch. During the fall, Lucca also hosts food festivals that celebrate the area’s natural bounty—chestnuts, farro and boar. To unearth the real Tuscany, check out this itinerary .

When travelers see Italy with us, I guarantee that they'll fall in love with your connections.

Our job, Sunni, is to make you shine.

Grazie mille and I look forward to chatting with you soon!

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