EVERYTHING Great Begins with Trust!

by Daniel Collinsworth

Wouldn’t it be awesome or bello or irie if everyone you spoke to instantly trusted you, your words and your instincts? Wouldn’t it be a dream come true if you never crossed paths with bargain hunters who treat you as though you were a twenty-something working from the couch in your parent’s basement while wearing pink onesie pajamas?

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone valued your insights and expertise because in you they found the rare travel professional who actually knows what they are talking about?

Can you imagine if every person calling you turned out to be your IDEAL client, who knows and appreciates the value that you provide AND is happily willing to pay you for it?

How great would it be if YOU valued yourself and your own work so much that everyone you came into contact with professionally instantly GOT the fact that YOU are the real deal and the ONLY ONE capable of making their travel dreams come true?

I guess these are what they call easy “softball” questions with answers that are self-evident. Of course, it would be BETTER than GREAT if everything I’ve written above was your reality.

Let me say it right here and now, this CAN be the world you live in, and it all begins with believing in yourself and knowing the immense value that you provide to your clients. The key point is not only HAVING the knowledge and experience but conducting yourself with such confidence that everyone you interact with naturally trusts that your contribution is the best for them.

Clients often equate insecurity with a lack of experience and the combination of those traits raise red-flags of doubt and are sure-fire deal killers. If we aren’t absolutely confident in the information we are providing them, how can we expect our clients to entrust their travel plans to us?

You may be asking yourself how you avoid projecting insecurity.

First we need to know who, what and why? Who are our clients? What do we provide? Why do we do it? Ultimately the answer to why is the most importantbecause if we are only in this industry to earn a paycheck, clients will know that all we care about is making a sale. Boy do I hate the words SALE, SELLING & SELL…it reminds me of a Sicilian mercato in the heat of summer surrounded by people whose only thought is how to get you to open your wallet so they can fish some money out and have you go on your way to never be seen again.

For me, what I do doesn’t involve selling! What I do is confidently help people feel great about the time they spend while on their trip, so much so that once they are there they often daydream about never returning home because they feel completely at home in Italy. Their trip makes them feel as if they’ve been renewed and rejuvenated, like they are a whole new person.

For me, giving people an itinerary is actually a craft. In every OTHER aspect of my life I am just not creative at all. Even my 6 year old knows it. But when I start talking about Italy, a volcano of creativity erupts within me and she eagerly listens raptly as I tell story after story about Italy and my love for this country.

I am able to create amazing and unique itineraries when I draw from the deep pool of history, experience and passion I have for everything Italian. Often these itineraries compel my operational team to look at each other and exclaim, “Oh my. THIS is one of Laura’s special creations!”

YOU can be assured that EVERY ONE of our itineraries are special creations,uniquely customized to your individual client’s story and travel requests.

You can TRUST that we are motivated by our love for Italy and for sharing our beloved Italy with everyone we can.

You will come to KNOW that we have your hand as we work together and that we will ALWAYS have you and your clients’ backs when traveling with us because we are singly focused on creating experiences for your clients which will make them YOUR clients for life!

Take care and to those of you who celebrate Memorial Day because of a personal connection, thank you and God Bless you and your family.




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