Even When Out We Talk Business

by Laura Massoni

I love my job so much that I talk about my business whenever possible because, to me, it’s just fun, and it’s who I am. It is not a task or chore to me and I never find myself bored by it. Rather it’s natural for me to work my business and my love for Italy into most of my conversations.

I do it so often… even yesterday while taking a rare day off to celebrate our 13th Wedding Anniversary with my husband I found myself talking about Italy… maybe someone should do an intervention to keep me from talking about Italy. What do you think?

I know for sure that business is not only done within the four confining walls of an office. I believe you should do business whenever you feel motivated by your surroundings and especially at events and gatherings.

Tonight for instance, after a great anniversary day out, my husband and I went out for a “beer and donut” pairing evening at a local brewery. Let me tell you, even though it sounded interesting when I booked it, it wasn’t just interesting, it was amazing! We were blown away at how much fun we had. The people were awesome, nice, and full of life and of course, and not surprisingly, Italian. We sat next to an Italian father and daughter duo who were delightful to be with.

IMG_9260 IMG_9262

We laughed and talked about Italy and its traditions. Mainly, we were just happy being ourselves, genuine and Italian. At one point, I saw the chef-owner of the award-winning Donut Bar in San Diego.

After gathering the courage to get out of my comfort zone, I asked him if he would take a selfie with me... and then I asked him about doing a Joint Venture donut and beer/wine tour of Italy. 

“Why not he said…it sounds like fun, email me and I will respond personally.”


Really? That easy? Yes, it is that easy because after all, business is about relationships. Good relationships and businesses are more about open communication and less about contracts. Get this, his profits from our joint venture will benefit the non-profit which was featured tonight. It supports kids with cancer by sponsoring them to attend summer camps centered on having fun…juts like “regular” kids. Even though most kids with cancer are already extraordinary in their own right they often don’t get to have the same experiences, like summer camp, that cancer-free kids do.

How cool is that?

Love and success and many anniversaries to you all…love is cool and love is patient, but well worth the journey.



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