Do you trust me?

by Sunni Chapman

Trust me ... but why?

Who do you trust most? For many of us, the answer is – I trust the people I know. But trust isn’t just a question of who you know. When you trust someone, you know their advice will result in something good. In effect, you’re saying: I have confidence that you’ll put me on the right path.

Before we can grant trust, though, we often need visible proof. We have to see it to believe it.Trust emerges in fact when we know someone’s word is their bond. Proof transforms risk into reliability. Put another way: I've seen for myself why you’re worth turning to.

At the same time, we’re more likely trust others when they're recommended by a dear friend, a spouse, or an expert. A service being vouched for from a trustworthy source creates credibility. Trust is the result of social proof too -- because you respect the recommender.

In the travel world, you see this all the time – happy clients refer their friends to you. Having proved your worth to clients, they'll now praise you to the folks they love. As a result, these referrals are more likely to trust you when it comes time to travel. 

Results inspire freely-given testimonials, which in turn grow your circle of trust.


Let me share an anecdote to illustrate. After we solved a travel hiccup, an agent shared a note that she'd posted to a Facebook group:

"I love See Italy. Having someone available IN ITALY has been priceless…. and so much less stress for me. Here’s an example: my clients in Italy had an issue with a closed rental car office. The first thing I loved was getting an email from See Italy right away. I didn't have to wait for the clients to come home to hear what happened. See Italy then detailed the steps they had taken to assist the client:

See Italy moved a private tour in Pompeii back an hour, giving the family time eat and feel relaxed. Also, See Italy made sure to secure a car for the family at a different location... with no surcharge or penalty!

I can't imagine having to take care of all this from the U.S.! In addition to taking care of any issues, See Italy leaves a welcome gift IN MY NAME for clients. Prior to this issue, I received two personal emails from See Italy team confirming that the family’s trip was going fine."

Since she posted this note, we received a flood of e-mails from new agents. Why? Because a trusted person vouched for our reliability. We understand that with each booking, you’ve entrusted your credibility to us. Because of that, we work tirelessly to bring your travelers the stress-free trip they crave – on U.S. and Italian time.

Travelers want memories and they want solutions. See Italy gives you both, granting you the credibility you need to grow your business.

Trust us, travelers will sing your praises. (And their friends will hear about you too).

Ciao, ciao!
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