Do you remember when...?

by Sunni Chapman

Firenze, bella Firenze. 

Florence, beautiful Florence. 

When I lived in Florence, I loved to share my adopted “casa” (home) with traveling friends and family. We’d stroll across Ponte Vecchio, drinking in the city mirrored at night in the river. We’d wind our way through the Boboli Gardens, resting in the shade of cypress trees. We’d lunch at the Florence’s Mercato Centrale, passing wheels of aged cheese or mountains of handmade pasta.

I’d spend days planning their visit, sniffing out the perfect gelato or inventing intriguing itineraries. (I should’ve known that I was destined to work in travel back then!). I took joy in helping others to see Florence through my eyes. Together, we’d uncover Florence’s quiet corners and overlooked nooks — a fountain tucked on a side street or the trattoria where the owner knows all the diner’s names.

This Florence isn’t something you’ll find on a postcard. It’s not the view from atop the Duomo. It’s not the treasures of the Uffizi Gallery. It’s not even that perfect cup of gelato. My Florence is more of a feeling than a place. . . it’s the warmth of being welcomed inside someone else’s reality…

We explore the world because we crave connection. We traverse the globe to feel, however briefly, a bond with something beyond our typical horizons. Years after a trip, we remember how we felt when we traveled . . . thrilled or disappointed, awed or exhausted, embraced or estranged.


Any guide can point out a city’s places. But, when See Italy crafts a trip for you, we think of your travelers’ feelings first. Sights will be seen, of course, but – more importantly – your clients encounter the Italy foreigners seldom experience. With us, your travelers will see that Italy now feels like home. 

They’ll dine in a chef’s home by Ponte Vecchio.

They’ll bike through Chianti, stopping for a glass of red wine.

They’ll taste extra virgin olive oil at a farm in the Tuscan countryside.

We welcome travelers into our Italy so it becomes their country too. After all, you may never remember every sight you saw… but you will remember how you felt along the way.

Ciao, ciao!
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